What is commitment?
Is it just something you say when you’re getting married?

It’s something you feel when you’re joining a team or trying to win a big game?

What is being committed?

Being “all in” is a phrase we often throw around when it comes to achieving goals.

You tell yourself that you’re going to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. But when it takes longer than you expected, you decide that maybe you’re not as willing to be is committed.

You’re just making excuses.

“Obviously it wasn’t meant to be,” you tell those around you.

Somehow you must have it harder than everyone else around you. Your goals must be a little tougher — a little more difficult — than everyone else’s goals.

Your excuses get louder than your effort. When no one is looking you stop trying. When everyone else starts to notice you make sure you have a good story ready to tell.

You get good at whining.

Whether it’s falling in love or trying to get rich, digging your way out of debt, paying off your house, raising good kids, or trying to lose weight — success demands commitment.

All you have. Whatever it takes.

You can be assured of setback and you’re guaranteed to have problems. There is no easy road. If you’re not committed it’s never going to happen.

Are you in?

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