Your Shouldn’t, Can’t, Or Won’t.

There is always a reason why you shouldn’t, can’t, or won’t.
The truth is that your results are directly tied to your individual effort.

The harder you work the more you will achieve. It’s directly proportional.

You can’t do less and achieve more. It’s not possible.

That’s not how success works.

You invest and work and deliver, sweat, fight, and bleed. Day after day after day.

Not because you enjoy the pain of the battle or the fatigue the comes from sleepless nights and tired mornings.

You put in the effort because you are absolutely obsessed with getting to where you want to be. You are unwilling to back down. Too stubborn to give up on your dreams.

And so you put in the effort.

You do the work.

You do the hard things that everyone else makes important excuses to avoid doing.

Your shouldn’t, can’t, or won’t is probably what is standing between you and the results you want for yourself.

Your effort.

If you’re not working hard enough, you can fix that today. Right now. This moment.

Do one thing that matters.

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