When The Hard Thing Is Nothing.

Sometimes the hard thing is nothing. Doing nothing. Just waiting.
Usually, when you think of doing hard things, you think about investing superhuman effort or enduring an unusually high level of pain or discomfort.

What is just as hard is to do nothing when you feel like doing everything.

That’s hard.

It’s hard to forgive and move on when you want revenge.

It’s hard to turn the other cheek and give the benefit of the doubt when you’ve been taken advantage of.

It’s hard to be patient and wait for the results of your hard work to pay off when taking a shortcut seems like it’s working for everybody else around you.

Doing nothing is the hardest thing.

You feel stuck — like you’re never going to get to where you want to be. Like you’re wasting your time waiting.

That’s hard.

The truth is that you’re doing the hardest thing there is to do right now.

You’re letting the seeds of your effort germinate into the bountiful harvest you’ve been waiting for so long to realize.

Maybe it’s time to wait. Don’t let your frustration in the moment rob you of success.

Do nothing.

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