Wasting Your Wake-Up Call.

Sometimes bad news is the best news you can get.
You’re stuck and frustrated and not sure what to do.

You’re pretty sure things aren’t the way they should be but aren’t motivated enough to change them.

You’re going through the motions.

That bad news is your motivation to turn things around.

A wake-up call. An opportunity to rethink why and how and what you’re doing.

It’s probably not going to be a fun call, but you should be grateful for it.

You were stuck and now you’re not. You were looking for motivation and now you have it.

In truth, you don’t need to do anything.

That wake-up call might just  be another good excuse for you to point the finger at somebody else.

Another reason to stay beaten down. Another sign but everyone else has it easier than you do.

If you’re looking for excuses, you’ll find one.

But if you’re desperate for change, a wake up call is the lift you’ve been looking for.

A reason to try harder.

The motivation to dig deeper. The purpose and power to persevere.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

Don’t look back on your wake-up call and realize you let it become your final call.

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  1. Early this year I had a wake up call when my wife left and took the three kids. Instead of wallowing in my pity I dug deep and looked for my part in the reasons she left. Everyday I practiced looking inward for what I could improve and made little bits of progress in each. I am not going to lie some days I did not think I could keep going…but I did. Learning how to be disciplined to Love her despite her not loving me was a monumental task of its own. Not to mention managing how to be a part time Dad, Software Sales Exec and small business owner. Instead of talking about my progress to her and others like I always did I let my actions and confidence show. After 7+ months and some personal come to Jesus moments of her own my wife came back and decided doing the hard work with me to make the marriage work was better than making excuses, pointing a finger..and deciding to move on. Bottom line is we all have a choice, ignore a wake up call or stand up, look in the mirror, be honest and grow. Our marriage is now on path to being built to last. Its the people that have been to the brink and survive to come back stronger that truly live fulfilled lives.

    1. I hear you, brother. Been there. Had a bunch of wake-up calls like that. Too many (in fact).
      The only way you come back from these deeply painful experiences is to be all in. Committed to changing yourself — instead of pointing the finger at other people.

      Love your truth and vulnerability. Would love to connect with you one day and hear your story in full. You sound like a winner to me.


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