It’s All Going To Be Okay.

It might not feel like it right now, but it’s all going to be okay.
Things are going to work out.

You’re going to figure it out. Your situation is not as gloomy and dour as it feels right now.

You’ve got problems.

But you can handle them.

The challenges you face aren’t permanent. You got this.

There isn’t anyone anywhere who is better prepared to turn your situation around.

So get to work.

Believe in yourself a little bit more. Put in a little bit more effort. Do a few more of those hard things that you’ve been avoiding.

You’ve got this.

The end result is predetermined. Shaped by your belief and focused by your effort and will.

When you believe that it’s all going to work out, you find a way to make that come true.

Your creativity is on full display. Your efficiency is tuned to a high performance level.

Your capacity to handle pain and fear and chaos is never more full.

You’re a maniac.

That’s because you believe that your effort matters. You believe that in the end you’re going to win.

You just know it. It’s a gut instinct.

It’s all going to work out in the end. So you work to make that happen.

It’s all going to be okay. Better than that — it’s going to be awesome.

So get your head up and act like a champion.

0 Replies to “It’s All Going To Be Okay.”

    1. Might as well get some exercise, right?
      In truth, there will always be another challenge to face. You have to decide if you’re the kind of person who stands and fights — or if you give up.

      It’s all going to be okay. As long as you’re committed to the fight.


      1. haha might… but if/when all you do is run (away from your problems) all you’re good at is running…you say storm is coming, I say: bring it on; finally; i was expecting you, storm; show me what you’ve got (*take your pick)
        fight – make that fight for something, not against anything; fight for better (you, world, people, life)

        and at the end it’s all going to be ok, if it’s not ok yet – it’s not the end!

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