The Art Of The Wait.

A lot of your time is spent waiting. You’re working. You’re investing in the right training. You’re doing things.

Not just sitting idly by. But you’re waiting.

Waiting for the effort you’ve invested to start paying off. Waiting for the right time to kick-off the next step in your strategy.

Waiting for things outside of your control to turn your direction.

You’re waiting. Still busy. Still bothered. Waiting for the change you’ve been working towards.

That’s a dangerous time. A precarious position.

You want things to change, but you can easily destroy all of your hard work if you push too hard.

Which is why it matters that you maintain the right perspective. That you remind yourself of what really matters.

Your big goal is more important that how you feel right now.

Progress isn’t about you forcing success to fit your timeline. It’s about keeping your head straight as you manage everything outside your control.

Sometimes what looks like taking a step back is really just you strategizing the right opportunity to run a hundred miles forward.

Don’t be distracted and discouraged by a lack of obvious next steps.

Wait. Work. Fight. Lead. Pursue awesomeness relentlessly.

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  1. Wow, that`s exactly where I`m at. The world around me wants to talk me into keeping quiet and staying within the average range, aiming for smaller goals that can be reached more easily. It is so exhausting to keep on track while (almost) everybody tells you cut back your dream. So, thank you for sharing that thought!

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