Try Being Surprisingly Delightful.

One of the most powerful strategies for business is also the simplest. And most overlooked.
Companies who continue to massively grow and scale and drive success focus intently on creating surprise and delight.

In their industry. With existing customers. To their target prospects and ideal customers.

It has a massive impact.

The emotional impact and financial gain caused by being surprised and delighted have a return on investment much greater than just about any other businesses strategies you can execute.

Customers stick around longer when they are delighted. They spend more money. They tell more people. They put up with more mistakes and give you the benefit of the doubt.

That’s the power of moving beyond transactional business.

You end up winning bigger.

When you’re just trading dollars for service or money for a product, you find yourself struggling to maintain energy and build revenue momentum.

Surprise and delight deliver an exponential growth factor. You’re not like everybody else. You’re the delightful option.

You’re the surprise your customer found that they want to share with their friends. ┬áThe rules don’t apply to you.

Think about that as you build out your strategy for the coming year or analyze your progress for where you are now.

Are you focused on being awesome?

What are you doing to be surprisingly awesome? How are you delivering delight magnificently?

And by the way, if both of those questions seem crazy to you, you aren’t winning your industry.

With some deliberate intention and a whole lot of fun, you can change that.

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