Use That Guilt As Motivation.

You know that sick feeling you get deep down in your stomach when you’re disappointed in yourself?
You know you could have done better. Maybe even won. But you didn’t try hard enough.

You didn’t get started soon enough. You didn’t have enough intensity, urgency, or drive to do enough of what mattered.

And now you’re left with that feeling of frustration and disappointment.

It’s not a feeling that you want to have.

That guilt and disappointment isn’t something that you want to experience. You just feel awful.

Another time you let yourself down. That’s the feedback that keeps running through your mind.

Use the memory of that guilt as motivation to get started right now.

Doing a little bit of the things that matter.

Use guilt as a weapon against procrastination.

Guilt yourself into taking action.

Remind yourself of how you will feel later on looking back at this moment when you could have started something awesome but didn’t have enough motivation to get started.

Think about that awful feeling. Let it soak in for a few moments.

Ask yourself if there is one thing you could do to move a little bit closer to your desired goal. Right now. Just something small. And then do that one thing.

Every time you feel like there’s nothing you can do. Every time you’re discouraged by where you’re at. Every time you look ahead and don’t see a path forward.

Instead of giving up and feeling guilty later, use that guilt to drive yourself towards where you want to be.

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  1. You know that feeling when you’ve done something although you really didn’t feel like doing it at first? That satisfaction that you overcome your own laziness, that you overcome your own excuses, that feeling of pride that your will is stranger than your lazy; that feeling of joy going through breaking/giving up point… Every morning, this is how I motivate myself to go for a run. No matter the weather. I think about how proud I will feel (and re-energized) after the run.But guilt works too, sometimes 😉

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