Being Overwhelmed By Gratitude. 

No matter how bad things are right now for you, they are better than they could be.
That alone should fuel your sense of gratitude.

And when you think about it further, you realize how very good you have it.

No matter how desperate your situation might feel, you still have the opportunity for change going forward.

Looking back, you can see how far you’ve already come.

You haven’t figured it all out. You’re not where you want to be.

Things aren’t even close to being perfect.

But you should be overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude. Overwhelmed by a fresh chance and new opportunities still to come.

But that won’t happen by accident.

That sense of inspiration and purpose won’t overwhelm you automatically.

You have to put yourself in the position to be overwhelmed.

You have to make time to pause and think about where you are and where you’re headed.

You have to force yourself to look around and realize where you are…and all the opportunities still ahead.

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