Your Truth Will Come Out.

There aren’t many secrets you will die with. The truth about life and your pursuit of success is that the truth eventually comes out.
If you’ve been living a lie, you’re guaranteed to be discovered — even if it takes decades.

If you’re feeling undiscovered and discouraged by a lack of recognition, know that your hard work and consistent focus will pay off eventually.

There is a universal philosophy found in every religion that states that “the seeds that a farmer plants are the crops that he will harvest.”

Those seeds are the truth. Your truth.

Good or bad, it will be uncovered eventually.

You might be fooling people now by pretending that you’re dedicated and doing all you can do to be successful. But eventually if you are not living that life passionately, all the world will see you for who you are.

The same is true when you’re giving it your all — laying it all on the line — and still don’t see any progress forward.

You feel like a loser. Everyone around you doubts your ambition and wisdom and strategy.

The secret you know is that eventually there are no secrets.

Your hard work isn’t going to stay hidden for long. It’s about to be on full display for everyone.

Think about that the next time you find yourself devoting too much effort and consideration to how things appear rather than how focused you are on getting to where you want to be.

Your truth will have its day eventually.

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