The Mistake Of Believing That They Are Smarter Than You.

Think about the rules and conventional wisdom you have adopted to help you run your life.
You believe that if you have more money that you will have fewer problems.

You believe that you can’t get a decent job without an advanced degree.

You believe that you shouldn’t feel good about yourself unless your body is sexy.

You believe that the better you are at following these, the more assured you are of success.

But you’re dead wrong.

You’re following other people’s rules because you think that they know something that you don’t know.

You believe that they have some insight – or perhaps a shortcut – that will help you avoid your own insecurities and more quickly propel you towards success than if you ventured out on your own.

The truth is that the people who created the wisdom that you’re living by aren’t any smarter than you are.

They are just like you.

They don’t have any magic formulas or know any special secrets that you don’t already know.

They are flesh and blood. Human. They make mistakes and screw up just like you do.

So before you give up on yourself, maybe you should rethink your hero worship.

Before you decide that your ideas are stupid, remember that a lot of other “stupid ideas” turned out to be wonderfully amazing — the lightbulb, pasteurized milk, and travel to the moon.

The secret is that there isn’t a secret.  Just “stupid” hard work.

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  1. Good morning, Dan. Thanks again for a GREAT piece of advice. For many of us, the spirit of non-confidence was instilled in us family and friends – not because they disliked us but to protect us from harm! Unlearning this trait is very difficult as it comes back again and again like a bad penny. But this has to be done to succeed and be content. I wish you a good day.

    1. I struggle with the exact same thing, Joe. Because I deeply desire to be better (in every way) I am always valuing other people’s opinions higher than my own. And then months later I look back and ask myself: “What were you thinking?”…
      Learn. Grow. But also — believe.


    2. there is good book on the market right now explaining why it’s happening and how to tackle it. I know Dan doesn’t read much 😉 but it’s well worth a look. “The Leadership Gap” by Lolly Daskal. One of the first chapter have few suggestions for exactly the issue you mention Joe!

  2. Wow, another, “nail on the head,” Dan! I’ve had a habit of relying on others’ opinions because I assumed they were more knowledgeable or experienced in an area. Time for some corrective thinking!

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