Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

April 19, 2018


There are stories told that have moved generations. Legends that have empowered unlikely heroes to achieve outrageous success. Books that have inspired massive breakthrough for an entire hemisphere.

I spend my two hours of exercise each day looking for those stories. Soaking in those books in search of those legends.

It’s my meditation. My inspiration. A way to learn and grow and expand my greatness.

So here are a few of those books that I have finished in the last few weeks and why.

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey Into Life’s Perfection (by Michael A Singer)

Talk about perfect timing. Michael’s theory is that life has the perfect plan for you if you’re willing to surrender to it. Years ago I would have called that “weak thinking”. But I see it happening more and more in my own life.

Looking back, I can connect the dots between setbacks and the experience and timing I need to create massive change in the future.

Michael challenges you to give in to the setbacks and struggle that he would otherwise avoid. He tells his rich life story in a way that let you know he’s human. It’s raw and real and tremendously eye-opening.

Another big takeaway is how closely linked success is with belief in a higher being and a daily meditation practice. Your life isn’t just a product of what you want. You are part of something bigger than just you. And if you aren’t willing to stop throughout the day and think about the role you play in the universe, you’ll never be as effective and powerful as you want to be.


Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World (by Cal Newport)

I work. I work hard. Magnificently hard. But doing work isn’t good enough. It needs to be deep work. Meaningful work. Purposeful work. This is something that I have been agonizing about this for years now.

As a highly effective fixer, much of my business is putting out fires for other people — often leaving the things I care about most undone. Cal uses the words “deep” and “shallow” to differentiate between work that has only small, immediate transactional value versus word that has long-term, world-changing potential.

It’s practical advice. And I am already putting the ideas I have learned into practice. It’s making a difference already. I’m making time to do the things that inspire me and letting other things wait.

By the way, I don’t like Cal’s idea of not answering email. I have found as the author of a very successful book and the founder of a community with more than 1 million individuals, that people are usually bashful about reaching out via email. And they often get it wrong.

Choosing only to email people back who fit into your pre-determined view of how you want to answer email abandons large groups of people who could really benefit from access to you. Of course, Cal’s thesis is that your deep work is the most important thing anyways.


How To Take Charge Of Your Life: The User’s Guide to NLP (by Richard Bandler and others)

What if I could be 1% better at everything that I do? Richard Bandler’s theories about stories and identity and life choices have framed my own thinking as well as other celebrity teachers like Tony Robbins — and many others.

What makes this book such an easy read is that it’s told as a parable. The story of an individual coming to an event by Richard Bandler who attempts to implement what he has learned in his daily existence. In his relationship with his girlfriend. At his job. And his day-to-day life.

It takes ideas that can seem controversial and complex and makes him approachable. It’s really easy to see how different thinking makes you a better person when you’re reading a story of someone who was accomplished that exact thing. It’s such a smooth read that you’re probably want to come back to it from time to time.

It might also be your stepping stone to more of this practice area that practitioners call NLP.


What are you reading? How are you growing? 

What motivates you to be a better version of you?

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