Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 17, 2018


Your belief is not a product of how many times you get it right.

Your belief is strengthened by how badly things go wrong while you still have a vision for what could be better.

That’s the irony of belief.

Just because you think there’s a better way doesn’t mean that way will automatically appear.


In fact, hard times have the capacity to multiply your belief and strengthen your resolve.

It’s not automatic though.

It requires a bit of healthy perspective and attitude checking.

In reality, when bad things happen to you, you automatically come to one of several popular conclusions:

  1. The world is unfair and bad things always seem to happen to you.
  2. You did something wrong that you need to start fixing right now. Or...
  3. What you’re going through right now is an opportunity to strengthen your belief.

There are other reactions that you might have — but they all generally stem from these three basic conclusions.

The first conclusion that the world is unfair, is unhealthy in every sense of that perspective. It’s mind numbing and soul-crushingly dishonest. But, it’s also the most popular opinion.

Most people on most days experiencing bad things come to the conclusion that it’s not their fault. They have no ability to change things. Life just sucks. The world is picking on them.

Sadly, that is most people, most of the time.

There is a smaller subset of people who often come to conclusion number two. They assume that failure means they need to improve — personally. That they did something wrong.

This perspective can be healthy, because it shifts the balance of power from others to yourself. It allows you to internalize the situation. It gives you a room to grow.

But sometimes it can be an unfulfilling exercise. Especially if the conclusion of your internalization is that there is nothing you could have done differently to avoid those results.

That should automatically remind you that there is another conclusion. And it might not make sense — a little psychokinetic or wishy-washy — but it’s all too real.

You might be experiencing an opportunity to strengthen your belief.

A moment when it seems like you failed — but you don’t have the entire story.

Your perspective is clouded by what you don’t know yet and limited by time.

You’ll figure out more later, but for right now you just need to believe.

Not the type of belief that’s public and ostentatious. The type of belief that has you looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror repeating over and over to yourself: “I’m not going to give up. I am going to achieve my goals. I am capable of being amazing. Nothing can stop me.”

The quiet kind of belief that’s not loud or shouted from the rooftops. That’s the powerful kind of belief. The kind of catapults you into a winner.

So when bad times come, don’t neglect the opportunity to strengthen your belief. When hardships arise and you find yourself frustrated, use your new-found situation to multiply your belief.

You’re not going to grow when things are good. That’s just your time to celebrate.

Now is your time to believe.

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Dan Waldschmidt

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