Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 9, 2017

[Bonus] Beating Selfishness with a “Dying” Plan

In a small town with fewer than 300 people in Center, North Dakota, Hazel and Emmet and Myrdith lived in a small, simple home with their parents William and Blanche.   Fifteen-year-old Hazel was the oldest of the children and responsible enough to drive the horse and buggy to the one-room, country school two miles away.

In the late morning of March 15, 1920, a blizzard began to move into the area.  Concerned for the safety of the students, the teacher quickly dismissed the students so that they could have enough time to make it home safely.  But Hazel’s father was already on the way in a light sled pulled by the family’s strong workhorse.

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