[Bonus] Shift Your Identity with Jim Fortin

Last month, I talked with Jim Fortin in a series of interviews for my podcast. Join me here where you will get the full Jim Fortin experience.

In this podcast, Jim and I talk about his Sales Psychology academy, the science of energy and physical reality (and how it bends to your subconscious), and even about physics and Cosmic Law.

And then we get into some real talk about habits and how to dismiss the bad ones (which kind of blew my mind).

So enjoy this full-length interview with my friend, Jim Fortin, and then come on over to the EDGY Facebook group and let me know your thoughts on what you heard >> edgy.es/fbgroup

Change your mindset (and your life) here >> https://braintraining.jimfortin.com/

Download MP3 (70.2 MB)

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