Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 18, 2018

[Bonus] The Story of a Broken Window.

Not too long ago, I was working with a client located about an hour north of Philadelphia, PA. After a long day of strategy, I was exhausted and stressed out and not in the most positive state of mind. So I decided to do what I do to relax – lace up the running shoes and go for a run.

The town was in a valley surrounded by mountains, so I set out with GPS in hand and headed for a nearby peak, running up steep mountain trails. When I reached the top, it was about 7:30, and the sun was just beginning to set. A ball of orange fire at the edge of the horizon. So beautiful.

As I sat alone watching a breathtaking sunset, my attitude began to mellow. How could I be stressed out seeing such a spectacular sight?

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