Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

October 26, 2017

[Bonus] The Will to Win: C’est Pour Toi, Maman.

For 24 years, Joannie had trained to be in this position.  She entered the Olympics, with 12 gold medals in the last 12 consecutive Canadian National Championships.  Along the way she had picked up international medals in China, the Grand Prix, and Russia — competing in 39 different competitions.  She practiced until she turned her 17th place showing at the World Championships into 2nd place just five years later– officially becoming the vice-World Champion.  And now the Olympics.

The stage was set.  Expectations ran high.  Her practices were flawless.

Two days before she was scheduled to perform, just as she was waking up to begin her final practice, she was startled by a surprise visit from her father, Norman.

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