[Bonus] You’re Just A Flop Away From Success.

Scrawny nerd Dick Fosbury struggled at high school sports. He couldn’t make the football team. Or the basketball team. And he didn’t make the cut for the high jump team his first year — the sport he had spent so much time training for.

It wasn’t for lack of trying. He did everything his coach told him to do. And his coach was one of the best in the world. A great high jump was the result of great technique.

That started with a few rapidly sprinted steps. Nearing the bar, Dick would push off from the balls of his feet and throw his body sideways over the bar, using his hips to keep from knocking the bar off the pins.

No matter how hard he practiced, Dick continued to be frustrated. The best he could muster was 5’ 4”, a full 2 feet lower than the world record — in a sport measured by fractions of inches.

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