The Wonder Of Getting Started.

The great pyramids of Egypt were started by a single stone, placed by a single worker on that first day. That single stone didn’t amount to much of anything. The slave worker who placed it there didn’t get a bonus. There wasn’t a celebration to commemorate the occasion.

You Need A Coach.

There’s somebody out there who has already done it before. It doesn’t matter what your goal is or what you would like to improve, there’s somebody out there with a lot more experience than you who is willing to help you get to where you want to be.

You’re Not Willing To Be That Weirdo.

Hitting a golf ball correctly takes years of practice. Center yourself over the ball. Start with your arms straight and bend a little at the waste. Rotate the club backwards in an arc up towards your shoulder while twisting the hips to follow suit. Drive the clubhead through the ball like a hockey slapshot with your hips, arms, and shoulders. Finish with the club on your opposite shoulder.

26 Inspired Insights For Winning At Business And Life.

Your ability to win is directly related to your ability to tough it out.

Inspiration is a reward. You have to work for it and fight to keep it.

The opposite of success isn’t failure. It’s apathy.

You don’t need to worry about getting it wrong as long as you are willing to keep trying.

Just because the critics are louder than you doesn’t mean they’re right.

Your ability to win is directly related to your ability to tough it out……..