The Big Lesson I’ve Learned After Working 94,487 Hours Over The Past 21 Years.

I started out selling air conditioning systems to homeowners at 19. That was my first “professional” job. Over the last 21 years, I’ve worked over 94,487 hours. Maybe more. At some point, the numbers get blurry. So I know a little something about work. Most jobs require 40 hours of work per week. If you …


Do you know what makes you special? What’s your superpower? Maybe it’s your ability to be blunt. Your ability to see the big picture when one of the people get bogged down in the details. Your knack for befriending almost anyone.

The Superpower Hiding Under The Rubble Of Your Rage.

You can’t hold on to the past and move rapidly towards your future. You’re living each day inside a rubber band that keeps pulling you back.Just about the time you think you’ve moved forward and made progress you realize that you’re back in the middle of your anger and misery from the past. Snapped back from greatness.Which is what you have to let the past go. You have to forgive.

You Have To Care.

The hard truth about battle is that how hard you care about the outcome determines how long you’re willing to keep fighting to get that outcome.Care is passion and stamina, creativity, insight and resilience.It’s the seed kernel from which all of those elements first begin.In truth, you already care about something.

I Wish I Had More Answers.

I wish I had it all together.  But I don’t. Sometimes I look around and all I see are a series of colossal screw-ups.  One after another.Rejection. Failure. My inability to climb higher.A times, the things I want to achieve seem out of reach.  The problems I solve are only replaced by new ones.

The wrong meds won’t fix anything…

I have had a sinus infection for the past ten days or so which has really worked me over.  I usually pop a few Sudafed-24 hour and in a day or two it all goes away.  It’s a proven formula that allows me to continue working hard core even through the haze.