Only Focus On What You Can Control.

The longer you try to fix or focus on things that are outside your control, the more depressed and hopeless you’re going to feel.It’s inevitable that you’re going to give up. Quit. Decide that life is too unfair for someone like you.That’s probably because you’re focusing on something you can’t fix. You’re fixated on the wrong thing.

Do Your Thing.

Do your thing. Play your game. Put in your effort. Don’t worry about them. It’ll all work out in the end.There is only so much time in the day. You can spend that time chasing justice against those who do you wrong or you can invest it in your long-term success.You can just make forward progress.

Make Your Own Rules.

There are no rules to being successful. There is no guaranteed formula that you can follow to automate the journey from where you are now to where you want to be.What works for someone else probably isn’t going to work for you. What used to work for you in the past might not even work for you right now.It’s not as easy as scribbling off check boxes on a list or finalizing the process outlined on your set of self-help DVDs.

When It’s Time To Fire Your Best People.

To change this pattern, you have to be militant about where you want to go and how you want to get there. And then plug people into the equation. You don’t start with good people and then find jobs for them to do. You start with a good mission and then find awesome people to execute a specific part of it.

Once you know where the finish line is, you bring together the smartest group of people possible to ensure you get there.

Make Leads Not Excuses.

The most effective sales organizations are marketing automation companies: Pardot, Marketo. Eloqua – all of them shout “inbound! drip! nurture!” yet, they’ve figured it out fast: true leads come from sales.Marketing is just a part of the sales process.“60% of Pardot’s leads are sales-sourced” exclaimed one VP at Pardot at their user conference.

5 Leadership Lessons I Learned While Pacing Myself.

That’s the run rate for finishing a marathon in under three hours.  And that’s what I started out the day Saturday morning thinking about.  Running my first marathon in under three hours.Officially I had never run a marathon.  Several ultra-marathons.  But not an official twenty six miler.So I wanted to make sure my first one was solid.

The Big Mistake Leaders Make Reading Exit Interviews.

Nothing good comes from an exit interview. If you are a leader, reading the snotty feedback of disgruntled employees you’ve fired (or let leave on their own) is distracting and counter-productive.And whining, cranky under-achievers are hardly the best source for the bold strategies you need to scale your business in a turbulent marketplace.  You won’t make important changes because you are nagged.

How To Be Successful After You’ve Gotten The Crap Kicked Out Of You.

The problem with success is that it’s not a finish line.  It’s a waypoint along the journey. It’s an attitude more than it is a “ride into the sunset.”For every success there is “what comes next.”  For each person that is different.  For each company that is different.  But it usually involves losing.Even if you still are the champion now, you have to entertain the idea that you might not always be in that position.  That things will change.

When Leading By Example Doesn’t Work.

You don’t have to be standing around a group of leadership gurus for long before you hear someone say something like: “You need to stop talking about what you are doing and just go do it.” The message is clear.  You should lead by example. Less talking.  More doing.And certainly it seems smart to lead by doing.  Leading through your actions.

26 Radical Beliefs of Super-Star Business Leaders.

Just because you aren’t sure what to do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything.The daily grind is better than being run over.Being a “nut job” is a just matter of everyone else’s limited perspectiveLimits are for ordinary people. Rules are for everyone.Bravado isn’t the same as bravery.There will always be someone telling you that “you’ve got it all wrong.”Experience is what you earn right after you need it.Success always takes a lot more effort than you think is necessary…..

35 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School.

ust because you earn a bigger title doesn’t mean you earn more respect.
It’s easier to say “I’m sorry…” than to have to hire a fresh team of employees.
A culture of fear only works for so long.  And it’s horribly destructive in the long run.
Leading doesn’t need to include yelling.  Actions matter.
Being right isn’t your top priority any more.  Helping your team win is the top priority.
Just because you have authority doesn’t mean that you are the leader….