5 Things Conquerors Do That You Should Do Better.

We all want to conquer. In fact, most of our lives is spent in the pursuit of conquering. As business leaders we want to conquer goals like company growth, higher profitability, and industry recognition. As people, we all have personal goals that we want to conquer, like being happy and healthy and feeling like what we do matters.

You Can’t Delegate Progress.

‘Tis the business parable of magic mushrooms. There is this unspoken business advice that you will hear from many experts that if you build a good enough process for your business that you can walk away and things will operate like you intend.You’ll hear experts tell you that if you “have a marketing platform” for your business that you can launch an endless stream of successful products and each one will leverage the experience of the previous one.  All with you out of the picture.

You Can’t Lead If You Aren’t Bleeding.

If no one follows you, you aren’t leading. You’re just blazing a trail. And that’s ok as long as you don’t expect others to help you make it to the finish line.Which begs a deeper question: How do you get people to help you?You don’t fake it.  You stop pretending like you have all the answers.  You ask for help.  And opinions.  And criticism.You desperately search for answers.And when you fail you pull yourself off the floor and try again.No pretension.  No pandering.  No pride.

The Executive’s Guide to Dominating Your Competitor’s Strategy.

If you want to dominate you industry you have to be able to dominate the conversation going on in your industry. You have to be able to steer the conversation in a way that benefits what you are trying to do.If you are the big guy and trying to get bigger then you need to be able to create a conversation that helps you do that.  On the other hand, if you’re the small guy trying to disrupt a legacy market, then you need to understand how to create words and a discussion that support your disruption.

You’re not a Leader. You’re Just A Bully.

What is often labeled “strong leadership” is really nothing more than bullying. There is nothing inspiring about it.Instead of caring about employees. Instead of leading by example. Instead of creating an audacious mission. Instead of all that, it can just seem easier to shout and scream and fire — and hope you scare enough of the team into doing something that leads to revenue creation.

The Jerk Sitting In The Front Row.

As a popular speaker, I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to speak all over the world to big companies, business organizations, and non-profits. Like much of what you read here on my blog, the discussion is an unconventional one. I talk about pain and fear and how uncommon strategy is often the key to outrageous feats of high-performance.

Refusing To Be An Imposter.

We all want to be something that we’re not. At least, that’s how we’re talked to by advertisers, coaches, and business experts.According to the pros, you’re better off being an imposter than relentlessly pursuing bold ideas.

Mentor or Molester?

You can’t be both at the same time. You can’t hurt and heal at the same time. The two don’t go together.You start being a molester when you stop caring and start thinking about satisfying your needs first.

Just Do It Already…

My CEO buddy Kriss Wilson posted a quote on Twitter from Buddha that fit right in to some of my recent thinking about selling and the differentiation between those who SELL and those who are “working on it.”