Warrior Speak.

The idea of success has changed over the years. Our idea of conquest, triumph, and challenge have changed with the evolution of our advancements. Our purposes have become confused. Our tactics are no longer simple and focused. We’ve forgotten how to be warriors. How to battle. We’ve forgotten the raw courage that it takes to …

Ahead of Time.

What you do matters. When you do it often matters more. It’s easy to assume that you always have tomorrow to get started doing amazing things. That your bold ideas will still be relevant some other time. But that’s not how time works. There is no later.  Only lost opportunity. Every moment matters: To appreciate the difference …

Happy or Hopeful.

It’s easy to be excited about life when you are surrounded by people who love you. When there is happiness and excitement.  When the frustrations of life are on hold.  When you see smiles and laughs. Happiness motivates us. It solves the deep physiological problems that motivate us. Sociology studies from the Mayo Clinic indicate that general …

The language of people

  There’s a secret language that many of us don’t understand.  It’s deliberate but very real.  It’s hidden but in plain sight.  It’s how we work but rarely what we think about.

When We Don’t Run At the Same Speed

Under the right incentive almost any one of us can run the same distance in the same amount of time. It might only be 20 feet… or 2… but until we scale the challenge with hills and distance and time requirements, we are all pretty much the same.