14+ Ways Cloze Delivers a Better CRM Experience.

Smart people use smart tools to achieve greatness. It’s hard to be maniacally focused on your goals when you’re juggling 37 different tools, email accounts, social media profiles, and to do lists scattered throughout your phone, inbox, and refrigerator sticky notes. The other problem is that most of the tools being thrown at you today to help you make money, organize your business, or get things done are woefully incomplete or clunky.

You’re Asking Yourself The Wrong Questions.

Why do you want that money in the first place? Why are you in the position where you need more money right now? If you weren’t able to make more money, what’s the worst that could happen?When you can answer those questions honestly, you’re ready to achieve your desired goal.Success demands that you anchor yourself around “why” and “how” and “when” — instead of just thinking about “what” it is that you want.

Welcome To Whatever.

There is no greatness without pain and struggle. Change demands friction and adjustment. Both of which are uncomfortable.The hard truth about accomplishing big things is that it is going to cost you more then you ever expect.You think you’re ready to play the game. You think you know the risk involved.

The Painful Importance Of Having Hustle.

Hustle doesn’t always mean sprint. Most often it means “grind.” That’s the tough truth about trying to go places. It’s not usually going to go the way you want it to. At least not right away.You have to fight for every inch of progress you want to achieve.On the good days, you’re going to feel like what you’re doing actually matters.On the bad days, you’re going to feel like a complete loser.

Forever Is Never.

Forever is a long time. It’s practically never. It’s easy to assume that because something has never happened for you that it never will. It’s easy to assume when you’re discouraged that failure from your past is the only likely future you can expect. Time is the great equalizer. Never really means “not yet.”

What Doing Hard Things Really Means.

Success demands that you do things that are hard. Not just difficult to achieve with incredible amounts of effort, but uncomfortable and frustrating every step of the way.Doing the hard things isn’t really about choosing goals that are massively difficult and then adopting a radical lifestyle that will propel you mightily toward your goal.That’s awesome if you choose it for your path. Impressive, indeed. But for most people, you don’t need to veer so far away from what is obvious.

13 Steps To Getting All Those Things Done.

You won’t ever get to where you want to be if you can’t get things done consistently. Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or a new life direction, you have to do something different if you want to achieve success. That requires focus and determination and a plan for getting things done.If you can’t get things done, you’ll never change your life for the better.


Today is all you have. Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tomorrow. But it’s the only thing that you’re guaranteed. Right now. So you should start acting like it. Start today. Stop wasting time.  Start valuing each second. Stop going to meetings just because important people invited you to them. If …

Myth: Thinking Actually Helps

High-performers in the world of “deal making” share the universal quality of self-assessment. It’s an internal process of strategically measuring the inputs and outputs of a process or idea (or just “what went down…”) and deciding if it could be done better.  And that’s all good. 

Skin in the Game

Warren Buffett famously coined the term “skin in the game” in his business insight that you can “guarantee” the success of a company by requiring C-level executives to use their own money to buy stock in the particular company they are running. 

Social Media is NOT Crap.

YES —  I do know that yesterday I wrote about how much I hate strongly dislike the whole social media menagerie that has been a bumper crop of marketing geniuses all over the world giving their over-baked opinions on how to be the next Ashton Kutcher with 2 squigillion over-twittered fans.