When Less Is Really A Lot More.

When you reduce your debt and deny yourself immediate gratification.When you decline convenience for responsibility.You are choosing to take less instead of more.But what seems like less is really more opportunity for you to do what you have always wanted to do — to follow your dreams

Why You Should Work Like Every Day is Your Last.

Because it is.Today never comes again.  The people you meet, the circumstances that come together, the opportunities that present themselves — they will never be like that after today.
Today you’ll say your last words.  What will they be?
Today you’ll make your final decision.  What will it be?
Today you’ll go your final place.  Where will you go?…..

You Have To Be Available When They Need You.

Driving successful business growth isn’t about what you do between 9am and 5pm.  It’s about what you do the rest of the time.  About how available you are when your clients need you most. Your customers can’t easily predict when the bottom will drop out for them.  Even if they can see bad things ahead they want to pretend like things will magically get better before destruction finds them.

What To Do If Your Boss Is A Moron.

Let’s face it. Your boss might not be the most emotionally evolved mammal on the planet. Chances are you will have to deal with (or have already dealt with) a boss that is all too like the chicanery you see from Dunder Mifflin’s leadership team.No matter what you do, it’s never enough.  Your results are never big enough or fast enough.  Even though the boss is never there, when he does decide to show up he “second guesses” all your decisions and keeps asking “what the hell is going on around here?”

How To Get Twice As Much From Your Team.

Success isn’t reasonable. Why should your quest for it attempt to be so? All across America as millions of business people head back to the office for another week of the “the grind”, leaders are faced with a universal question: “How much should they expect from their people?” How much is enough?”

Just Answer Your Damn Email.

What happened to the art of relationship building? Heck, where the hell went civility? Have we just decided to replace “doing the right thing” with bulk emails, automated tweets, and lead scoring tools? Have we decided that good, old-fashioned relationships aren’t a good investment any longer?

Successfully Failing.

There is something incredibly honest about failing brilliantly. About laying it all on the line and still coming up short. When you just decide that you are going to try something audacious. Despite the odds. Despite the pressure. Despite your inadequacies.You are simply going to attempt to achieve what others consider to be ridiculously difficult.

The Opposite of Progress.

Just because you are moving forward doesn’t mean you are moving towards your goal. You could just be turning in circles.Which gets you nowhere except where you have already been.  And if that’s the place you’re moving away from, then you’re likely to end up more frustrated and impatient.Here are some thoughts for you:

Working Smarter is for Chumps.

You just need to start working like that. Like you know where you want to go is. Like you are unstoppable.

Don’t get me wrong.  That’s certainly not easy.  Frankly, it flies in the face of much of what you have heard in your lifetime.Over the last few decades, numerous books have been written about the need to work smarter. Experts preach to you the latest tricks in being effective and productive. You have access to complex tools to help you get things done no matter where you are.


Today is all you have. Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tomorrow. But it’s the only thing that you’re guaranteed. Right now. So you should start acting like it. Start today. Stop wasting time.  Start valuing each second. Stop going to meetings just because important people invited you to them. If …