Ready to Learn.

What lessons have you learned recently? What type of new ideas and inspirational thinking are you proactively putting into your head?

Get Some Intensity.

You’ve been wasting your time. Filling your life with self-destructive behaviors and fulfilling personal addictions. Thinking little of the consequences that are sure to follow.

Power of Apology.

Losers apologize slowly. You have to pry it out of them. And it comes six months late — way too late to be useful, believable, or appropriate.

Successful Friends.

Who you are as a competitor, what you achieve, and how you react to everyday circumstances — these are all reactions shaped by the people you surround yourself with most.

Learn and Improve.

You don’t need to get it right the first time. Or even the second or third time. But you do need to learn from your mistakes and figure out a way to make sure you get to where you want to be.

You’ve Got This. [Podcast]

I wrote this podcast for myself on one those mornings where I wasn’t feeling like a warrior at all. My spirit was broken. My effort seemed ridiculously unnecessary. I was tired and angry and completely frustrated. My challenge to myself was to prove how much I could do on a day when I least felt like it. It was silly challenge. But it worked. I learned an important lesson — “how you feel doesn’t change what you could do if you tried”.

Debi Lowery: No Regrets. [Podcast]

We are all running from something. Fears from our past. Frustration in the present. Unrealized expectations for the future.It can be all-consuming.The thought that no matter what you do it’s not good enough. The fear that you might never get to where you want to be. The regrets of failure from the past.

The Time Before Awesome [Podcast]

Just because you have to grovel and grind right now doesn’t mean you’ll need to do that forever. Just because you’re tired and beaten down from the battle you’re in right now doesn’t mean there won’t be a day soon where you feel refreshed, motivated, and inspired by all the progress you’ve made.

Rick Sabo: Justice Fighter. [Podcast]

Progress requires a struggle. Success demands a fight. You won’t get to where you want to be without standing your ground and pushing back against the obstacles in your way.But just because you fight doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win.

Success Is Hard [Podcast]

Somehow, we never felt like it was right to go back and re-record this first episode. Call it sentimental attachment. This is where we started. This whole podcast was a series of hard things. That seems to be the way it works for us at The EDGY Empire.