[BYOA] Chris Rondeau

Dan and Broc have a conversation with Chris Rondeau, Area Director for Man in the Mirror Ministries. As a believer, Chris talks about the value in sacrificing for others

Crazy Beliefs?

Dan reflects on his time in seminary and shares how his own beliefs and upbringing have molded him into who he is today.

Your Own Awesome

Your Own Awesome (153)- Dan, Broc, and Matt reminisce over breakfast in Dallas on the Bring Your Own Awesome interviews and what they were able to take away from them.

Chicken Wings

In today’s episode, Dan tells the story of The Eagle and the Chicken. We all worry if what we are doing matters.

The Learning Loop

Dan reflects on ten years out of DC. The best person will learn, adapt, and grow and be excited by those opportunities to do so.

Bad Habit Disaster

In this episode Dan continues his topic for the month on “Momentum”. Momentum is the great differentiator between success or failure.