Why You Need Better Friends.

Your friendships determine your destiny. Who you are as a competitor, what you achieve in life, and how you react to everyday circumstances — these are all reactions shaped by the people you surround yourself with most.Your friends. Your family. Your mentors, co-workers, peers, and fellow competitors.

Hire For Heart. Fire For Apathy.

They wouldn’t have been hired by your company. They surely wouldn’t have been promoted. And had they made their way up the corporate ladder, they would have been “those guys.”The outcasts, eccentric and impossibly difficult people that everyone else looks at with a sigh and shake of the head.

Do What You Love.

Do what you love. Follow that path passionately. Don’t be distracted by what other people tell you should be important.Money follows passion. It doesn’t proceed it.Happiness follows passion. You don’t find it by avoiding your passion.

Being Overwhelmed By Gratitude. 

No matter how bad things are right now for you, they are better than they could be. That alone should fuel your sense of gratitude.And when you think about it further, you realize how very good you have it.No matter how desperate your situation might feel, you still have the opportunity for change going forward.

A Breakfast With Bobcats.

The world will always be full of small-minded people and negative circumstances. There will always be things that distract you and days that seem to beat you down.It’s going to happen. It might be happening right now.In truth, the only thing that will keep you safe is a dream. The only way past mediocrity and negativity is imagination. Imagination and will.

The Art Of The Wait.

A lot of your time is spent waiting. You’re working. You’re investing in the right training. You’re doing things.Not just sitting idly by. But you’re waiting.Waiting for the effort you’ve invested to start paying off. Waiting for the right time to kick-off the next step in your strategy.


If you wait for the right time or the right people to get started doing what needs to be done, you’ll never get started. If you stop trying because other people are cold and unkind you’ll never get anywhere.

Never Assume.

Never assume that you can fix a hard situation with an easy answer. You can’t.

Never assume that what used to work well will work well in the future. It won’t.

Never assume that people are specifically out to get you. They aren’t.

Never assume that ignoring your problems will make them go away. It won’t.

Never assume that you won’t be able to achieve a result that no one else has. You can…….

The One Who Got Back Up.

It was Tokyo, Japan. The evening of February 11, 1990. Another heart-stopping boxing performance expected from the angriest boxer to ever set foot inside the ring. They billed the fight: Tyson Is Back! The storyline seemed ripped from a horror movie. Walking into the arena, James Douglas was a 42-1 underdog.

Not Good Enough.

It takes a different brand of crazy to achieve outrageous results. It’s not logical to obsess about details that are probably already good enough.It’s not normal to try to improve what might even be considered great.That’s the difference between people who achieve extraordinary things and everyone else.

There Is No Replacement.

There is no replacement for hard work. Without putting in the effort, you won’t be able to achieve big results. There is no replacement for a kind word. Empathy is the most powerful force to heal other people.

What Do You Have To Lose?

What do you have to lose? Time? Money? Your reputation? What you’re afraid to lose tells an interesting perspective about your priorities.Many people will work hard to get a reward that matters to them, but almost everyone will put in extra effort to not lose something.It’s a fascinating study in human nature.


Obviously it wasn’t meant to be,” you tell those around you.Somehow you must have it harder than everyone else around you. Your goals must be a little tougher — a little more difficult — than everyone else’s goals.Your excuses get louder than your effort. When no one is looking you stop trying. When everyone else starts to notice you make sure you have a good story ready to tell.

You’re Not Ready, But So What. 

You’re always going to be afraid. It doesn’t get any easier. You’re always going to feel inadequate. That’s because success is hard.You’re always going to need more time. Especially if you are short on resources.In truth, it’s never the perfect time to pursue your dreams