Where Legends Begin [Podcast]

I have a confession to make. I’m known around the world as the guy you call when you need to fix scary business problems.And that’s cool. I love what I do and have spent many years working on my craft.But frankly, the reason I’m successful helping leaders isn’t because of how smart I am or my experience. It’s because I use “EDGY” as my framework — my road map.

You Need Their Criticism.

You won’t always get it right all the time. In fact, you’re likely to get it wrong much more often than you get it right.If you find yourself getting it right all the time, your goals aren’t big enough. You aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. It’s too easy to do what you’re doing.

Because You Choose To Be Who You Are.

How you’ve been behaving is the result of your past. The people who influenced you. Your life circumstances. And many other factors.You might have a past that leaves you feeling embarrassed. Disgusted. Maybe even discouraged.Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because things have been a certain way that they will always be a certain way.

Move. And Improve.

You’re not competing against them. The competition isn’t between everyone else and you.It’s between who you are right now and the better version of yourself you could be with more effort and focus.It doesn’t matter what they do to you. It doesn’t matter what they say. It doesn’t matter how many times you try really hard and still fail.

What You See When You Look Back.

t’s easy in the moment of frustration or discomfort to assume that you’re doing something wrong because of the resistance you feel to making progress.But that’s the resistance that everyone feels. Smart people. Average people. Hard working people.They all feel the same resistance — the same push back — that you’re facing right now.

Why Slow Progress Is Fast Growth.

Speed isn’t what you’re looking for. Momentum is. You think you want more sales right now. You think you want faster sales right now.But what you really want is to know that you can reliably produce revenue. That you can spot opportunities and turn those opportunities into revenue and increased wallet share with targeted customers.

Willing Yourself To Win.

It still isn’t about skill.It’s not good enough to be talented. It’s not good enough to set goals for yourself. It’s not even good enough to be better then everyone else.If you want breakthrough, you have to dig deep into your soul and nurture the stubbornness to do what is difficult in order to achieve new levels of greatness.That’s going to hurt.

That Stuff Doesn’t Work. This Does.

Ever felt like you are doing everything you should be doing, but it’s still not working? That might be what you feel right now. It’s something you’ve definitely felt before.All those online training courses you purchased from the internet guru who promised that you would turn your life around by copying the path that he took don’t seem to be working as well as you saw them advertised when you purchase them.

Blame Yourself.

It’s not over until you say it’s over. You’re not finished until you decide you are through.The easy truth about hard choices is that you’re the only one who gets to decide if you’re successful or not.No matter what success looks like to you — landing that perfect job, making a relationship work, or navigating a tricky corporate decision — you determine if you get there or not.

Honesty Isn’t The Best Policy.

Honesty isn’t the best policy. Fixing your problems is.If you have a problem and know you need to change things, change them.Apologize when you screw up and improve.You don’t need to share the gory drama of how your mistake was made or who did what. Just improve and move on.

Sorry. It’s Not Me. It’s You.

It’s your problem. No one else’s. It’s still going to be there if you don’t fix it.Ignoring it doesn’t make the situation any better. It just makes you look like an idiot.You know you have a problem. But you’re hoping that if you pretend like everything is ok, your life will magically improve. But that’s just complete buffoonery.

The 3 Only Things That Matter To Get Things Done.

Regardless of the tools you use or the methodology you swear by — don’t overthink this idea of productivity and getting things done.If you can remember what to do, do it, and get better at doing more of it, you’ll never struggle to find success.No matter how scary big your goals for yourself are right now.

It’s Hard. So What.

It’s hard to hear other people’s criticism when you’ve given your best and it’s still not enough. It’s hard to get up early when you’ve worked late and slept very little.It’s hard to smile and be compassionate when inside you are facing demons of your own.It’s hard to think big when your inadequacies make you feel small.It’s hard to lead others when you’re looking for a leader yourself.

It’s Always That.

It’s always about the communication. Not what happened. Not what was said. Or not said. Bad news doesn’t get any better the longer you wait to tell it.So why is it that many business leaders fail so horribly at delivering clear, concise strategy and updates?Most leaders are afraid to admit it, but they’re hoping the problem will go away on its own.

If You Aren’t Wound Up About It Don’t Do It.

Stop doing things that don’t matter to you. If you can’t get passionate about what needs to be done or the reason while you’re doing what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all.You’re just wasting your time. Going through the motions.

Use What You Do Have.

If you wait until it’s the perfect time to get started, you’ll never get started.There is always more that you can learn. There will always be times when you feel inadequate and unprepared, scared, and cautious.That doesn’t mean you should wait.It just means that what you’re about to do is big and audacious — with a huge reward on the other side of the battle.

What’s In Your Water?

What was in the water that the Laconians were drinking? They were Greeks like the rest of their countrymen. They knew the odds of losing a battle where they were outnumbered 100 to 1.The smart choice was to negotiate a favorable surrender. To surrender annual payments of gold and goods in exchange for keeping your life and some bit of humanity.You could live in your old house.

Movement Builds Momentum.

Without momentum you will always struggle to get to where you want to be. And without movement you can’t build momentum.When you stop and start continuously — chasing quick fixes and easy options to hard solutions — you make your journey to success exponentially more difficult.