You Might Just Be Good At The Wrong Thing.

So it takes some proactive thinking and well thought-out activity to change what you do naturally — lie to yourself.Whether you are training for the Olympics, working to land a new promotion, or tackling personal life challenges there are few ways to retrain yourself away from making silly excuses.

Why Almost Isn’t Good Enough.

If you almost got the job that really means you didn’t make the final cut.If you almost won first place that really means you ended up losing.If you almost finished the job that means you really left your mission incomplete.If you almost care that really means you don’t care at all.If you’ve almost did the right thing that really means you ended up doing the wrong thing.If you have almost made it in time that really means you ended up being late.

How To Think For Yourself.

Frankly, at some point you don’t have a choice. Life forces you. Maybe it’s when you take your first step as a toddler. Or maybe it’s when you take the SAT test as a young adult.At some point, you realize that even though information is being thrown at you, it is up to you to interpret what you hear, to make your own opinions,and to do something about it.

The Truth About Why No One Cares.

You lean back in your chair, swing your hands over your head, let out a sigh, and shake your head in disbelief. “No one cares.” Despite all of your hard work no one seems to be listening to your message. Your marketing goes unnoticed. Your pitch falls on empty ears.You’ve been there. You’ve seen it.You’ve felt it.And it’s frustrating.

Why You Can’t Grow Your Business Revenue.

There is nothing more frustrating as a business leader then to focus all of your efforts on revenue growth only to see your hard work have little impact on the top line. It’s a kick in the gut. Over the last half decade of business, we’ve been introduced to a wide number of new business tactics to help us achieve revenue growth.

Inward Mobility.

In all of our minds there is a direct link between satisfaction and achieving business success. You might even call it happiness — being able to mentally navigate a complex corporate environment and achieve success.

What You Believe In.

But actions don’t magically happen all by themselves. Before you ever do something, you think about it. Even if it’s only for the shortest of moments, your brain processes your emotions and any information it has at the time and tells you what you should do.

11 Game-Changing Companies Who (Successfully) Broke The Rules.

There are rules and guidelines that limit what is possible to achieve.  Rules that we all somehow agree to. Rules about the cost of doing business. About profit, loss, and reinvestment.  Rules about possibilities. Rules dictated by shear elemental constraint. The rules set the limits. Science dictates certain rules.  Math and economics decide other rules. …

9 (Uncomfortable) Steps to Changing Any Conversation.

Any time you try to change a conversation you’re going to get pushed back. When you try to change the topic some of those around you will try to push the conversation back to where it already was.That’s where they’re used to having the conversation.  That’s where it is comfortable for them.  After all, the old conversation benefits them.

Uncrushing Crushed.

Change always creates friction. You can’t run against the establishment without creating conflict.  Sometimes lots of it.  So, you need to have a plan for managing the damage that comes your way. It is safe to assume, and wise to anticipate, that despite your well-made plans and passionate intentions that the bottom will drop out. …

Lies You Want to Believe.

Business can get confusing.  Especially if you believe what you hear — from your customers. The relationship between buyers and sellers is a conflicted one.  Buyers need the knowledge and access that sellers have.   In turn, sellers need the revenue that buyers provide. The more each needs the other, the more comical the conversation between the …