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by Dan Waldschmidt

November 8, 2018

Everything You Missed From The AWESOMEPALOOZA Un-Conference

Axe throwing. That’s how AWESOMEPALOOZA began.

If you’ve never done it before, think about playing darts, except the dart is really a small axe the size of a heavy hammer.

Frankly, it’s the most ridiculous sporting event in the world. But it’s definitely an activity that you have to try in your lifetime.

Based on the smiles and laughs of everyone there, it was clearly a hit.

Elliot Hirshorn, EDGY Nation member, took fellow EDGY Nation member Patrick Van Every down to the wire in one round, pulling out the victory right at the end (and right as I captured the moment on video above)

Meanwhile, I lost seven straight games of “first to 21”. Even people who weren’t doing that well all of a sudden became superstars when they were up against me.

And naturally, the only way to follow-up on slinging some axes is to consume ridiculously delicious tacos (Korean beef bulgogi tacos, anyone?!).

Despite overwhelming the kitchen staff with our different requests, it was an incredibly tasty experience. I had a “chicken marsala taco” and then a few tacos from people who are already full.

The White Duck Taco Shop menu

What was really cool this year is that almost everyone was able to attend the VIP dinner the night before — despite flying in from all over the world.

But that was just day 1….

Despite the event planning to start at 7:30 a.m. I was surprised at how many people came a bit early. Maybe it was the gallons for Starbucks coffee waiting to be consumed.

We started by going over the ground rules of the day. That it was a safe space and a place to grow and learn and be productive. Nothing was off limits — since we were all here to help each other.

We introduced ourselves and shared with each other the one big takeaway that we intended to leave with at the end of the day.

  • Some people wanted to get up earlier each day.
  • Others wanted to get more done without feeling drained.
  • And everyone agreed that they want to achieve goals.


That conversation pushed us into a deep dive into what we say we believe and if those beliefs actually help us. Ahead of the event I had each of the attendees fill out the EDGY Beliefs Audit — which asks 50 rapid fire questions about work, God, money, success, and health.

We each talked though our individual results. And, more importantly, how those beliefs impact getting things done.

By the way, how would you answer a few of these questions:

  • Work is: ________________________
  • Money is: ________________________
  • Exercise is: ________________________
  • God is: ________________________

You can take the full audit yourself and learn more about how your beliefs and responses shape your daily effort.

That effort and the results that you experience are tied up in your identity. You might find yourself saying something like this: “I’m a ________” OR “I’m not the type of person who ________”

The words you use about yourself are the result of your identity.

And it is important to model your thoughts and actions in a way that help you get closer to where you want to be.

  In other words, BE awesome so you can DO amazing things and HAVE fulfillment.

In other words, BE awesome so you can DO amazing things and HAVE fulfillment.

We shared the power of questions and Richard Bandler’s specific challenge that: “The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions that you ask yourself:”

So what are some of those questions? Try asking yourself a few of these:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What makes me unique?
  3. What are the patterns of my life?
  4. What are my gifts?
  5. What will make my life matter?

Makes you think, right?

After a break and bit of networking, we jumped into a quick discussion about productivity. And specifically the 3 big lessons that I have learned over the years about being wildly productive — regardless of what is going on around me:

Talking about the inside secrets of productivity.

  1. To get more done, you have to do less — Successful people take time for thinking and planning and allowing greatness to “blossom”.
  2. The order you do things, impacts your effectiveness — Successful people understand the law of momentum and do the big, scary things first.
  3. You don’t have to do it all yourself (and shouldn’t) — Successful people know how to outsource and delegate the specific parts of the plan that others can do.

(If you want to know more about my “How To Be Insanely Productive” mini-course, you can jump into it for free right here.)

The next 3 rapid-fire segments were from incredible people in the community, showcasing their new business ideas and personal projects

Jonathan Hairgrove revealed the first-ever edition of the ‘Calendar of Awesomeness’ web app —all built as a side hustle. He’s going to share more about their launch in the coming weeks.

Jonathan Hairgrove shows us the beta-app he has been creating.

Jill Stelfox, former president of a five billion dollar tech company, and Petra Davidson, international digital marketing guru, announced the beta launch of their online course “Girl’s Guide to Getting a Raise”.

Petra Davidson (l) and Jill Stelfox (r) showing off their new course.

It is exactly what it sounds like — a proven 6-step process to getting paid exactly what you are worth.

Frankly, I think it was just as powerful for the dudes in the room as the gals. To get on their “early release” list make sure you connect with both Jill and Petra in The EDGY Empire.

Tyler Harris, founder of GVL Hustle and a Partner in Consolidated Assurance, talked about his secret to went from being broke to a million-dollar business. He shared how he not only burned the candle on both ends, but felt he had to make the candle, just to make ends meet — before he hit on his true passion of helping others achieve what he defines as L.I.F.E. goals.

Tyler Harris talking about motivation and grit.

What are L.I.F.E. goals?

  • Love – Your relationships
  • Influence – Your mind
  • Finance – Your business
  • Energy – Your body

By the way, in 3.5 years he has sold over 8,000 insurance contracts, one by one by one by one…

It’s called hustle, people!

And that was all before lunch….

After lunch, we hashed out our bad habits, determined what new habits we want to set, and then figured out how to form habits that will actually, finally stick by stacking our habits and signing contracts to keep ourselves accountable.


Over time, small and good habits will deliver wildly better outcomes and massive lunges at developing new skills and goals.

There are 4 basic rules to creating habits that last

  1. Make your new habit incredibly clear (and simple) — Use the worksheets below to list your current habits, create new habits, and combine new habits with existing behaviors to achieve successful new outcomes. You can’t have vague habits and expect to improve your behaviors. You have to make
  2. Make your new habit tempting to want to do — Instead of doing something new all of a sudden, combine it with something that you find rewarding. For example, if you are trying to get into shape you could start the new habit of doing 15 push-ups before each time to check your social media. You get strong and you have fun.
  3. Make your new habit automatic — Just do it. The more times you do a habit, the more it becomes automatic. So focus less on perfecting your habit and just jump try something new. One of the best ways to make your new habit automatic is to be around other people who trying to build or improve the exact same habit.
  4. Make your new habit something you can achieve in just 10 seconds — Your new habit needs to be so very small that you can get it done in just 10 seconds. That small. Your habit should be so small that you can get it done faster than the time that it takes to think about making excuses to avoid doing it.

Being accountable is another huge part of forming new habits. So we decided to start tracking our new habits together. There is a dedicated topic here in our private community where you can post daily to get other people involved in your success.

If you want all the Habit Success forms that we used (and discussed), you can find them all here.

It works — as long as you are willing to work at it.

Patrick Van Every, having recovered from his devastating axe throwing loss, shared the inside secrets to skip the habit of meaningless “networking” and building relationships that get right to the heart of success by “reconnecting”.

He needs to write a book about what he has learned over the years. Maybe we can all encourage him to “venture boldly” in that direction. Regardless, he is “that guy” you just want to be around. You leave feeling encouraged and excited about the possibilities for the future.

Patrick Van Every explains the art of “re-connecting”.

And finally, the man, the myth, the legend we call “The Brocstar” (Broc Edwards) brought it home by giving us a few key pieces of advice and some questions:

  1. Use the simple maxim that Dan John shares: “If it’s important, do it every day. If it’s not important, don’t do it at all.”
  2. Adopt the mindset that Broc lives by: “Imperfect action beats perfect inaction.”
  3. Plan your effort using Josh Spector’s 100X method: “Plan to do anything that matters 100x in a row before you give up.”

Broc Edwards brings down the house with his questions.

And then Broc followed those insights by asking us to consider the following questions, which I’ll leave you with:

  1. What is the outcome you must create for yourself?
  2. Why is it vitally important for you to create this outcome?
  3. How will you know when you achieve it (and be specific)?
  4. What success have you already had with creating this outcome?
  5. What enabled you to create that success?
  6. What would your life look like if you were completely focused on creating that outcome?
  7. What would make it easy to do the daily behaviors you just listed.

AWESOMEPALOOZA was indeed awesome.

I can’t wait to get back to work planning the next one.

As I explained it to my friends on Linkedin, it’s the most epic “small batch un-conference on the planet”.

Check out some more photos below:

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