Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 24, 2018


From homeless to entrepreneur, find out how Shaun turned his idea into a reality by surrounding himself with the right people, having the right mindset, and getting out of his comfort zone.

Host Dan Waldschmidt and special guest co-host Broc Edwards interview Shaun Spencer in this installment of “Bring Your Own Awesome”.

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Dan – Broc: [00:00:01] Hey guys, Dan and Broc here.

Dan: [00:00:03] Hey, Broc.

Brock: [00:00:04] Hey!

Dan: [00:00:06] Welcome back again, it’s Dan Waldschmidt and Broc Edwards with the bring your own awesome podcast and I’m excited to bring you another episode of this. Broc, I think not only are you and I excited our guest like he’s excited too.

Brock: [00:00:20] He’s excited enough for both of us that this is going to be awesome.

Dan: [00:00:23] Definitely, so before we hit the record button he jump again until I’m like, “No, we have to do it live” and so I’m excited to bring you guys, all the listeners, Shaun Spencer. Hey Shaun, welcome to the Apple podcast.

Shaun: [00:00:38] Hey, I’m here I’m happy to be here, great to have some fun.

Dan: [00:00:41] I love it. I love it so that’s the recipe. So tell us all who you are what you do.

Shaun: [00:00:49] My name is Shaun Spencer. I am originally from the East Coast in Los Angeles now for seven years but originally from what I call our hybrid mix of New York and Maryland. So a little bit of both.

Dan: [00:01:04] Now tell us how you ended up there and then how you live where you are right now.

Shaun: [00:01:10] I was born in Brooklyn New York. We spent a lot of time there. I Have a military family background so if you’re familiar with the military you know that means a lot of moving so we move back and forth and up in Maryland D.C. then obviously went to college out the Maryland area, did well graduate and got recruited to train for the Olympics, ended up in North Carolina, spent three years training for the Olympic Games there.

Brock: [00:01:41] So hang on Shaun, what sport?

Shaun: [00:01:44] Track and field, long jump and the triple jump.

Brock: [00:01:48] Cool.

Shaun: [00:01:49] Then after training ended up in Maryland for a month and then went back to New York and visited L.A. for All-Star Weekend and it had me by the neck since I’ve gotten here.

Dan: [00:02:08] So let me just dig in for a second. You got recruited for the Olympics. That means you are pretty bad ass in either high school, college, both and all of these jumps and not just a single jump but doing that a couple times.

Shaun: [00:02:23] Well, here’s the interesting part. I was a basketball player in all my life and then as I was in college and with the college at 21. So as a college in college I was trying to try out for the basketball team but college teams and high school teams recruit differently. So, college teams they recruit in the summer. High school recruits in November. I didn’t know that. So upon getting

into college late, going into trying out for a team in November, they really only look for one player but you have 100 players out there trying out. So it didn’t work out and friend of mine said, “Hey, come practice with our track team to help you with your speed – you can already jump, you can dunk but this will help you. And then I went out there 21 years old just practicing with the team coach decided he wanted to add me to the team. And believe it or not my very first time running track officially was running for Adidas and it just happened to be the Adidas national team. So huge learning curve. It’s been like that.

Dan: [00:03:27] And how did you do? Tell us more. Was it like it was everything you imagined or intimidating?

Shaun: [00:03:34] It was nowhere near what I could have imagined because I don’t know the first thing about track and field so everybody on the team was pretty much a pro athlete except me. So I had to learn fast but I was very athletic and very talented. I could jump very high [unintelligible].

Dan: [00:03:53] How do they even let you on the team if you’re not a quote and quote a professional? How did that even happen?

Shaun: [00:03:58] Right. So, my boy who brought me over there spoke up for me but the coach told me from the very beginning, “We don’t have any room right now. All the guys are just there’s and there’s, feel free to work out”. “That’s fine I can just work out”. So I’m working out with them and one thing about me which is even in business, anything that I’m doing I’m very focused, I’m very technical and concentrate very much on what I’m doing. He saw how focused I was and he saw that I was coachable and it just so happened that he need another long jumper, a high jumper. So after they had their team meeting I wait for my boy and he sat down with me, asked me a few questions if I would be interested. He could teach me and I said, “Sure”. Even then, I didn’t know it was a big deal as best national team. So two weeks later — the following Friday they had a trip to New York for a huge track meet. And everybody was supposed to show up on early Friday morning and I didn’t show up and then you know Monday morning they asked me, “Why?”, I said, “Whoa! I can’t afford that”, which is the time I couldn’t, I can’t afford to go to New York and all this other stuff so I didn’t show up and then everybody kind of laughed at me and I’m like, “Oh! What you laughing at?”, and then I was paid and they were, “What do you mean?”, they said this is the Adidas national team. I said, “Oh! Okay.”.

Broc: [00:05:35] So I’m going to ask you to jump ahead here Shaun but connect back to the past because you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a business guy. Tell us a little bit about your business but how the lessons from being on that team – how they helped you in business?

Shaun: [00:05:53] Well, I’m used to being the underdog, very much so. I’m the guy that, I’m the nice guy that everybody knows but not really inclined to help because I’m very — I hope this doesn’t come up a little too, I would say arrogant but a lot of people probably resonate this. I was one who people were a little intimidated by just because of how focused I am and how concentrated I am or what I’m doing and when people see a certain talent and someone that may overshadow their own potentially down the line they are going to put some resistance towards that or at least not try to assist you.

Broc: [00:06:48] So what is your business today and how does that show up where people are wanting to help?

Shaun: [00:06:57] Okay and this is where it goes into. So basically today I’m into the retail business of course being an athlete I was a personal trainer and stuff for 20 years which I still do. I work with people in different parts of the country and in the different parts of the world stuff. But my mainbusiness now which is what I’m leaning more focused more on is a retail business. I have a business called Mufz or Mufz Wear which are basically headphone covers that are functional to help protect and add style to your headphones so just as your cell phone using your cell phone case protects your phone and also gives it a bit of style. That is what we provide to headphones, so headphones get the headphone industry is really booming and everybody is into that. The over ear, the on ear because of the noise cancellation that it provides, the style Beats by Dre. All those different ones, so by me getting into this business. No one wanted to teach me. No one wanted to help me because I’m very eager to learn. I’m a student again and a lot of people that I knew and a lot of people I see in business, they are not interested in handing out or showing you the game. They’re not really interested in giving you information and a business information is everything. So I’ve had to learn everything from from scratch.

Dan: [00:08:26] That’s a pretty significant hurdle, if I’m being honest, right? I try to surround myself with awesome people so I don’t have to learn the mistakes or learn — make all the mistakes I can learn from other people’s not having that and even being in an environment where people are like, “Dude, I’m not, why would I give you my best secrets?”.

Shaun: [00:08:46] Exactly.

Dan: [00:08:47] Taught me about how you overcame that.

Shaun: [00:08:49] Once again, I’m a student into the game. I know I am self taught. I have no problem setting up hours and hours and hours through the night and through the day studying something and here in Los Angeles if you’ve ever spent time here and I mean specifically in Hollywood, Beverly Hills L.A. area, you’ll know that people here are very reluctant to help each other. Everybody’s trying to get over or get ahead of them next so they’re not inclined to teach you anything. So for me it’s, “You know what Shaun, if you really want to do this. This is a gift that you have. So what are you going to do? Are you going to complain that you don’t have help?” Scream to high heaven, “Hey, someone please help me”, and hope for some charity and a sense that someone comes down, “Okay, yeah help you” and then you get screwed over on the back end. So now take the time learn every aspect no matter how long it takes and that’s what I’ve done for the last 16 months to a point where I know the game very well and I understand.

Broc: [00:09:55] So Shaun, let’s spend that a little bit then. What advice do you wish you had received 16 months ago?

Dan: [00:10:05] Yes, that’s a money question that’s right there what I was thinking I was like, “What have you learned?”.

Shaun: [00:10:14] I’ll say, what advice — it’s so many thing. I didn’t know and let me be very clear, I did not know the first thing about business. I didn’t know what EIN number was, I didn’t know what ROI was, I didn’t know anything about business. I just grew up in a city area. I knew how to go and make money, that’s it. No strategy, no huge strategy as far as business ethics, but I mean I wish someone would had thought, would have helped me with just the paperwork, I’ll start there. I don’t think people understand how important your paperwork is in the beginning, whether you’re dealing with a partner or not, especially if you deal with a partner. Paperwork, I was someone who taught me that because it had got me out of a lot of issues that I deal with now paperwork — that’s the biggest one, the rest of it is really shows me.

Dan: [00:11:18] It sounds like you’re not creating your own headphone covers you got manufacturers and suppliers and maybe designers.

Shaun: [00:11:26] Nope.

Dan: [00:11:27] Nope? Oh, huge surprise. Tell me more about this brother.

Shaun: [00:11:31] Yes, I’m the owner and creator of my company. I came up with it. You know probably 16 to 17 months ago, actually it’s not, it was long, it was almost two years ago I came up with it. I was coming out of the gym at a pair of Beats by Dre and I kept getting frustrated because the leather caused a lot of sweating and if you’re already sweating and the leather – actually more sweat in that area than it begins to drip and it’s just very disgusting and then after a while they begin to smell because the bacteria that builds up then they begin to fall apart. Any type of leather at the up and moisture stuff gets to it. It begins to crack and if you know anything about leather the first crack you get is coming apart, eventually. Now I paid three hundred dollars for these headphones. There has to be a solution for this. So I shop online. I look around for three weeks. I find pretty much nothing, I found one thing that was not even solving the problem and I was like there has to be something now it needs to look like this and need to do this. I mean do this on the side and I just kind of had this crash to my front window were like, “What would you do?”.

Dan: [00:12:51] Yeah, I could give you a solution to that whole problem. If you stopped going to the gym so much. You wouldn’t working with sweating. I got those problem solved.

Shaun: [00:13:03] I can’t do that because I think I was actually born in the gym, I want to see that sometimes, I got to have it as a part of my life. It’s my therapy helps me to get away from the world. I’ve got to have it, when people in the world is crazy and you’re frustrated about whatever it may be. Go to the gym, put some loud music on that you like and turn the phone off and just work.

Broc: [00:13:27] So Shaun, you had the idea, kind of the scratching your own itch, you thought through it, you figured out how to make it work, you figured out how to produce it, you figured out how to sell it, you’ve got your website up, you’ve got all the business contacts going. I mean this is like the entrepreneurial dream and you know these days I get a lot of glitz and shiny and you know everyone looks like that’s the ideal because you spend three seconds on Instagram and you see a whole bunch of stuff that probably doesn’t relate to real life so, what’s like the living the dream. I mean what’s the real life the gritty part of it, the day to day that people don’t see?

Shaun: [00:14:13] The gritty day to day, very little sleep. Why? Not because you don’t get to sleep on time, it’s because your mind is constantly moving especially if you’re in one stop shop and you have to do it all by yourself which I run this entire company by myself, believe it or not. People will get out there, “There have to be”, no. I have seamstress and I have a guy that I work with to do some animation, that is it. I do it all on the boat.

Broc: [00:14:38] So this isn’t just like made in America, that’s like made in your neighborhood, Shaun.

Shaun: [00:14:41] It’s like made in my living room almost.

Dan: [00:14:42] That’s next-level, dude.

Shaun: [00:14:42] I go, I buy my own. I go to buy my own fabric that I need. I buy all the materials that I need. I get that to my seamstress and then once everything is produced, I take care of the packaging, I take care of shipping, I take care of the inventory, I manage the whole inventory. We have two different products, I manage both products, I manage our social media and with the thing is, people think it makes sense, “Oh, he has a business always this and that”, it can be a huge headache, especially, if you don’t know anything starting off like I did. I had to learn all this stuff.

It’s not fun you’re not shopping, you’re not partying, you’re not out drinking, you’re not doing. You are every part of your day if you’re serious about your business. Not only are you running your business. You’re on the Internet learning about business. You’re going to places, like for me, my place to go is certain spots in Beverly Hills, I go to coffee shops and I just listen. You want to be around business, if you want to be in business, you need to be around your friends need to be a part of business, you need to not so much engulf it but they need to understand business, understand if you have a business and understand that you cannot be running all left or right and within a you and your friends doom passing on the understanding that Shaun is running a business so let’s go grab something to eat real, quick catch up, see if I could help my boy out but you have to keep around you people in business and that is how you’re going to move forward just like this track and field, hair salon whenever it is. That’s the environment you have to surround yourself with if you plan being in business.

Dan: [00:16:34] So you know I was just in Hollywood Broc and I were for awesome palooza that was a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month now, it was incredible. We had a friend of ours, Jason Womack talk about building out a grid of your friends and your life and look at how much money they make and look at where do they go on vacation ? What do they vacation? How many weeks a year? And if you want to get to let’s say a million dollars a year you need to have, I think he challenged just Broc, right? One friend who makes a million dollars a year and if you will, right? -.

Broc: [00:17:09] He was saying it’s kind of that old thing that the average, I mean if you don’t have anyone pulling your average up.

Shaun: [00:17:15] Right.

Broc: [00:17:15] You’re Not going to get it.

Dan: [00:17:18] They’re pulling you down. So I think that’s great. I mean when I listen to you talk, Shaun and you’re saying it real, like you’re right. Broc’s get on and it’s just like your very sexy image of like, “Oh, I’m an entrepreneur”, and what you’re saying is, “I’ve made deliberate choices.” Now, Broc’s a runner, I’m a runner, you’re an athlete. I mean a lot of athletes and another kind of, I want to call in-shape but guys competing who have this focus, like obsession, right?

Shaun: [00:17:50] Right.

Dan: [00:17:52] Do you think that’s your super power? Is that ability to focus on something intensely?

Shaun: [00:17:56] Yes,I would say that my ability to lock in on what ever it is, it doesn’t matter what is. I’ve got a lot of different things in my life on my path to here versus being a fitness model to runway to a teacher to a photographer anything. I have this mindset that I thought when I was young: one, you never give up regardless of what happens; two, be a student. So whatever I decide I want to do and if I’ve made that conscious decision, I want to put effort and time and money into it. I’m going to be better than whomever is in that field or at least the majority.

Broc: [00:18:39] So, when we talk about the super power Shaun, we tend to think of them as like innate things that we’re born with but chances are other people can learn from it and they can learn from you. So what advice would you give to someone who’s going, “Yeah, this sounds good but how do I focus? I’ve got all these distractions in my life, I’ve got a short attention span. How do I zoom in?”

Shaun: [00:19:01] Are You willing to sacrifice?

Broc: [00:19:02] Say more about that, Shaun.

Shaun: [00:19:06] I’ve sacrificed so much just me moving out here. I could have stayed home or in an area in which my family and my friends are my comfort zone. First thing you gotta do, you get a jump on the comfort zone and then you got to be willing to make sacrifices of time and yes there’s gonna be time that you’re going to want to go out, you may want to go shopping, you may want to go hang here but if this is what you truly want to do, you have to sacrifice almost everything for it. Like some of things I wrote to you guys. I sacrifice to the point where I can look homeless out here in L.A. with almost no family, no friends out here. I didn’t have friends out here but I have cousins in Long Beach and I’ve never even met him before because I’ve never been to California and they were never able to get into the East Coast.

Dan: [00:19:59] So talk to me about that time that you were homeless because I think that powerful. People can glossed over that in a sentence.

Broc: [00:20:05] Actually, can I add to that? Just let me frame that for you, Shaun. So you talking about focusing here is how you get focused but there’s always another question like, am I focused on the right thing? I kind of suspect that most people if they find themselves homeless would be saying, “You know what, is this really the right thing?”.

Shaun: [00:20:26] Right. Homelessness, that was very much a — that was the point when you got to understand when I became homeless I was 35 years old. I wasn’t 20 years old, I wasn’t 25, I was 35 years old. So prior to that, I have worked for the government, I did work with this. So I always had a little bit of the finances where, “I’m okay”, but this is the very first time I have no money, no food and one of the things that really saved me was I had a car that luckily had been paid off before I moved to California. So I slept in that and I had a friend that I will see, so I slept in her garage because I couldn’t sleep in her house because she had a son but within that it was like, when you become homeless and anybody who’s been homeless and gotten out of it will tell you the same thing. You have two choices, excuse me three: you go back home to your family; you stay on the streets and be homeless; or you make a change. For the people who end up homeless, especially for whatever reason. If it is a drug issue that may take a lot longer but in most cases those who end up homeless don’t come out of being homeless because homeless ends up becoming a mindset versus physical but you physically have nowhere to live and then you get so down on yourself because, “Oh my gosh, I’m homeless. Oh, I’m a failure, I’m this”, and it starts eating at me, I knew I wasn’t a failure, I knew I was extremely intelligent, had a dual degree from college and I have lived in New York so I’ve lived through much worse than being homeless, “That’s okay. Well, what you gonna do, Shaun? Play about it? Gonna cry to your family? You Will figure it out”. I was homeless for about three and a half weeks and I just figured this out, “What do you need to do? All right, you need to find a job. Okay, cool. You find some work. Okay, cool. The girl I was seeing she was helping me with some gas money. She feeds me from time to time”, and I will spend my entire days looking for work and somewhere to stay and then finally I found a couple of clients that I was working with to make a little bit of money and then I found an apartment that the guy he was looking for someone to help him with bills and he needed only 500 dollars to get in, I have my own room, bathroom. So at the time I still had no money so I hustled, work hard and I came up with five hundred dollars in about 24 hours and paid the guy, got it here.

Dan: [00:23:22] Wait, I can’t let you go on. How did you do that? You’re talking about 500 bucks. Hopefully, you weren’t on street corner whoring yourself out as a gigolo.

Shaun: [00:23:32] I thought about it. L.A got enough of that. So I don’t think though –.

Dan: [00:23:42] Taught me through that. How do you do that? Listen, Shaun, I mean this is so amazing. We got so many people in the group who are saying, “I’m struggling with money. The number one problem I want to solve is, how do I make money?”, and here you are saying, “I’m homeless and there’s sleeping in the garage, someone I’m seeing and then I get this opportunity, I got almost 500 bucks.” People can’t make 500 bucks in two weeks, right? So, how to do that? What did you do?

Shaun: [00:24:11] First thing, a whole lot of praying. Second thing, I just honed in on what I was good at and me I know that I’m a very talented guy and I’m also focused. I said, “Okay, well what are the quickest ways for me to make some money legally and I can get it done within the next 24 – 28 hours. I said, “Okay, well personal training. Okay, cool.” Now I train some people prior to me ended up homeless so I called on some middle class and I said, “Hey, you want to get back in training?” and like, “Okay, yeah I do”, I said, “Okay cool. I will give you a killer deal. If you can start your sessions this weekend, for your normal rate of, let’s say it’s 240 dollars instead of normally only given up 15 sessions I say, “I’ll give you 50 sessions”, and I did that with two clients then I had another friend who was kind of in the entertainment industry, celebrity if you will call them and I told her, I told her husband and I say, “Hey, look if you need any help around the house and trash that needs to be removed”, and it just so happened they just moved to L.A. I said, you don’t have to go hire people, he can pay me. I can lift everything that needs to be lifted. I could take stuff in a dumpster and that’s how I put together that money and I was also eating because her husband would feed me every time I came over there but you just have to decide, you don’t want to be homeless no more, that’s it. You’d just have to decide you do not want to be suffering money wise then your next question is, and you guys will probably understand this a lot better than some people, forget how about making money, how do I keep it? That’s the one thing they put on of our mouth to keep money, making money is easy. You probably make money often but you also have bills, then you also have little random things you do. Some people can run into X amount of money. Said he ran into two, three, four, five thousand whatever maybe and most people are not educated or taught well enough to know how to keep money. Saving, things like that and then even with saving, understanding that if you going to use your money, how much of it to use? That’s the one thing I was never taught coming up was never how to keep money. I was taught how to hustle and go out there and make money because being from a city you naturally have the hustle mentality you know how to move, you how the streets move and.

Broc: [00:27:06] What’s your three point plan for keeping money? There’s probably more than three.

Shaun: [00:27:27] I say every time you get paid working a job, if your not working, go find some way to make some money. So, you’re making money, put the bills aside first, the best you can, if you don’t have enough or to cover yourself and your bills, figure out what bills are most important and then make calls to those other places to try to give you some time but bills have to come first where you live, if you live alone, if you have a roommate, that is the first thing you need to do, make sure they are taken care of and then after, start sacrificing again, that’s one of the biggest words that I use, you got to sacrifice, can’t be going out all the time, spend the money doing this, you want to hang with your friends but you have to understand you are on a budget. It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to tell your friends I’m on a budget now and if they want to pay for it then go for it, but it’s okay to say no, “Okay, I got to save up”, and then you keep saving up and eventually you have money stacked up and then when you do have your money stacked up even then you have to be even slower because you don’t want to end up back in that situation. So I give a quick example, when I first started my online training program about four years ago I was one of the only people doing it through social media, promoting online training program. So because of that, just before the world caught on site promoting businesses through social media I became extremely successful to the point where I might have been pulling in anywhere between six thousand dollars, eight thousand dollars a month, not to account, maybe 3000 that was coming from overseas through Western Union. So, I was doing well, bought a car, did all this other stuff but there was one thing I wasn’t managing my money, I would just spend it as fast as it was coming in and eventually when the world caught up the social media marketing and promoting a business, trainer jump on, “Hey, I could do this too.” Now for me being one of only two options. Now, I’m one of two thousand options. So now I’m no longer being seen, so now I’m losing money and the next thing you know, the money starts drying up and now I’m in trouble again, but I still had the same bill that I’m going to keep running, the bills non-stop.

Dan: [00:30:03] Time to kick in the focus.

Shaun: [00:30:04] Yes, you’ve got to change your habits, you got to change the game.

Dan: [00:30:10] So we definitely need to come back and do a part two podcast episdoe if needed. This is exactly, there are so many lessons. I know you share with all of us, listen if you want focus which is your superpower and you don’t you never used the word obsessed but I get the sense, Shaun you kind of have an obsessive personality.

Shaun: [00:30:36] I’m very — me, when I’m focused, I called myself stubborn, I wont say obsessed, I say I’m stubborn. So, when I want to do something, it might be obsessed but —

Dan: [00:30:53] What’s incredible because you said several things which you think all of our audience can immediately grab hold onto, one was you said you got to talk to yourself and have these really candid conversations about what do you want. Imagine you’re sitting in a sleeping bag or mattress and there’s girls that you’re seeing in her garage and you had to have this look at the ceiling and you’re like, “Dude, something’s got to change. I got to fix the situation”, and I think there’s a lot of people who just they go, “Oh, okay I hope tomorrow is better”, and you didn’t hope -.  

Shaun: [00:31:27] Right.

Dan: [00:31:28] You didn’t. You said, “Look, what can I do to generate revenue? Let me go to my past client, offer a killer of a deal to give me a little money now. I will give you 50 weeks of this”, and then you said, “Hey, look, you just moved, you need me to lift boxes. I’m pretty strong, I’m in shape. I can do that”, done, and I think all around us, there are these solutions waiting for us to grab hold of and we just don’t do it. We make excuses, we say, “Oh, I got to pray about”, look, you pray but you also worked, right? I hope someone comes and rescues me or we get a down ourselves, “Wow, this always happens to me, I guess I’m that guy who always fails”, life, and you’ve applied that superpower of focused all of us. Let me ask you one question before we wrap this up. This community, we’ve got a million plus people on the Facebook pages, a thousand people inside this group are probably be sharing this with. What could a group do for you? How could the group help you?

Shaun: [00:32:31] Just as far as helping me, just keep the motivation up there, we all need it. Everybody tell me a story, you will never believe how you can help someone even if that person is doing good. There could be something that they can really resonate with just give them even more energy, “You know what, I remember going through that, I remember this, I remember that, I can relate to that”, or, “Wow, they would do that? Let me step my game up because if they were they would have gone through this, I can go through that.” So for me, it’s more of just hearing people’s stories is something that I don’t really get to hear a lot. Like when Chanell, when her and I got sit down to have a conversation, she’s amazing by the way. Our lives were fairly parallel, different but parallel and the troubles that we had and just her sharing her story with me, motivated me to a certain extent. Let me just teach you, no, just listen. Sharing information I think is helpful for me because we’re all looking for information. That’s what it’s about.

Dan: [00:33:45] That’s incredible and I had the chance not too long ago to have coffee with Chanell when I was in Reno, Tahoe. So what an amazing opportunity. So Shaun, thank you for spending some time with us today. Broc and I we’re both in agreement here, right Broc? We’ve got to do round two.

Broc: [00:34:03] Oh, absolutely. Too much.

Shaun: [00:34:09] Just let me know anytime. One thing I Want to say when you talk about when people say, “Okay, I’m homeless now. Now what do I do? Oh,pray”, pray is good but I come from a religious background so we have — there’s a term, faith without work is dead. Pray but you get to put in the work.

Dan: [00:34:30] I wish there was — I might got to end, that’s the ending right there. I think that’s how we do it. If you’re not willing. Nothing works if you don’t work. Thank you, Shaun. This have been incredible.

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