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by Dan Waldschmidt

August 3, 2018


David Hamman talks about what he hopes to accomplish with Ripple Club.

He talks Dan and Broc through his idea of a platform of knowledge that will be available to an up-and-coming generation of business leaders that are willing to learn.

David hopes that others seeking business expertise will be inspired his own journey. Putting knowledge gained into action produces experience and boosting creativity through reading are two more topics covered in this amazing interview on today’s episode of ‘Bring Your Own Awesome.’


Intro: [00:00:04] Every time you go and get back up you’re getting a little bit better. That’s kind of how it’s been for us. I really don’t use that spear as a crutch, I use it as a tool. You can use it as a crutch and you can play the blame game and you can blame other people. But our life is really our responsibilities. And I wanted to see how far I can go. It hasn’t been so much progression as a series of stumbles into things that came along. Your skills review but say this because it’s uncomfortable sometimes. Find partners that are accountable, they can fool you accountable. If you’re not there, be willing to make the change that go do it. We’re doing what it takes and others aren’t. 

Dan: [00:00:47] Hey This is the bring your own awesome mini series where we’ve talked to cool people who are doing awesome things. I’m Dan Waldschmidt, fearless Leader of the Edgy Empire and with me is my co-conspirator Broc. 

Broc: [00:01:10] I’m Broc Edwards and on bring your own awesome, we interview members of the community. We have a no holds barred conversation about their battle for success. 

Dan: [00:01:20] So if you want to achieve a new level of success join us at www.edgy.life. 

Broc: [00:01:28] Let’s get started. 

Dan: [00:01:33] Welcome back to the bring your own awesome podcast. I am Dan Waldschmidt, with me is as always the ever awesome Broc Edwards. 

Broc: [00:01:42] Hello, Dan. 

Dan: [00:01:45] We got to write that down, the introduction and with us is a really special guest. Since day one, been a moderator admin, champion, all the adjectives. Are those adjectives, nouns, whatever they are. All the awesome things is our friend in the UK, David Hamman and welcome David. 

David: [00:02:07] Hello, Dan. Thank you for having me. I don’t know if what you’re saying is right but thank you anyway. 

Dan: [00:02:15] Hey listen, let me just tell you, what my, it’s not just my, it’s our podcast. So we can make up a story as we go, right? 

Broc: [00:02:24] That’s right. Dan said it is right. 

Dan: [00:02:29] It’s right, it’s right sociality. David, you’ve been a longtime friend of ours and I know a bunch about you. I’m dying to bring Awesomepalooza to the UK and we’re working on that. Why don’t I, before I just start gabbing. Why don’t you share with everyone who you are and what you do and maybe if I can tease a little bit maybe you tell us a little bit about Ripple club as well. 

David: [00:03:00] Okay. Well, I’m 6 foot, 2 inch European male, addicted to doughnuts. 

Dan: [00:03:14] You know this is a podcast, right? This is not match.com. 

David: [00:03:21] No, I’m not single, just in case. I live in UK. I’m working with a bunch of awesome people and helping them sell stuff. Basically, that’s what I do and you mention the Ripple club. Yes, this is a project that I’m working on for about two years now and what it is. To explain it I need to tell you that I do believe that everything can be improved and it doesn’t mean that he has to be improved but he can be improved and that’s why I am about finding people who can help me and everybody else improve themselves, improve their businesses, improve their lives, improve the relationship and so on and on. In marketing we’re using the League of Extraordinary to promote the Ripple club and this is pretty much what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to gather people in one group, on one platform and give them everything and help each other, give them the skills and access to the resources and to the people like yourself and choose to learn more and then to go out and use it and share it and make more people better and make more people happy and pretty much that will be in a nutshell. 

Broc: [00:05:03] So David, who is a typical Ripple club member? Do they come from any particular walk of life or is it a complete mix? 

David: [00:05:09] It is completely mix. It’s me, you, Dan, anyone literally. Anyone who wants to improve themselves, who wants to improve their results, improve their life, their relationship, who wants to help other people in truth. Talking about the [00:05:32] awesome, I think ordinary people are awesome and we’re looking for ordinary people who do things in a different way, who do things for others. [14.9] I think it’s the main criteria in terms of being in the Ripple club and being also needs to be willing to help other people. 

Broc: [00:06:01] What are your goals for the awesome or for the ripple club this year? Do you have a set membership you’re trying to build to or set number or outreach? What’s it look like a year from now? 

David: [00:06:15] We’re building, at the moment what are we doing, we building number of, we collect a number of trainer, coaches and mentors and we’re building a platform where they gonna put all their learning materials available for everybody else who will be willing to join. We working at the moment with 3, there is two more coaches who are with in the discussions with. So at the moment we’re building a platform of knowledge and we’ll try to make it available to everybody who will be willing to learn. In terms of the topics it’s pretty much everything, each from personal development and business advice and marketing. It just the material that is stemming out. They help the read number of people. It’s been proven working and we will try to make it available to as many people as possible. 

Broc: [00:07:26] Excellent. So what about one. –. Oh, go ahead, Dan. 

Dan: [00:07:31] One thing I think is interesting is and I know you’re going to ask them what inspire them to your question, Broc. I guess my follow up is, you have this community of people, you’re helping people sell. Do you find that people in the community, David, are sales driven, business driven or are they person development driven? Why learn? Why come to your knowledge base? I get the value but I’m always obsessed with this stuff. Walk me through to the value chain. 

David: [00:08:01] Okay, this is the kind of people that we’re looking for and there is plenty of them. People love to learn. I love to learn, you love to learn. We are consuming content and we’re consuming information and then we going and using it. At the moment, what’s happening is that they got his own platform, Grant Cardone has got his own platform, to drop a couple of names that I’m working with, Gordon Tredgold has got his own platform and so on but we trying to do is to put everything in one place. It is in one place already, it is on the internet but a few. A young person who wants to learn from the best. You have to do water searches in very near future. Hopefully, you’re going to do one Ripple club and there’s going to be a list of everything that you looking for and the people you want to learn from. 

Broc: [00:08:56] It sounds like a pretty ambitious project there, David. I mean that’s way bigger than I was thinking of it when you first started describing it. What inspired you to go there, to build this? 

David: [00:09:10] My own journey, my own journey because I wanted to learn from Dan. So I was looking, and this is going to be a personal story about how I came to know Dan and how I became friends with him. I wanted to learn from Dan so I needed to check all the platforms, all the social media and find a way of communicating with him. I very quickly realized that he’s not on Twitter and he’s tweeting something but you know he’s not as responsive and then I went to his blog and went to his Web site and I realized that every comment that people are posting on his Web site, on his blogs, he responds personally to them. For about a year I was commenting on his post and this is how we get to know each other. Shortly after a couple of exchanges on the blog, we get on the phone and we started talking about something and so on and on and then when I wanted to connect with other people, I had to go through exactly the same process. If I wanted to connect with Dan, I had to go and find the platform where he’s available and so on and on and. If I were to connect with Brad, exactly the same process. 

Broc: [00:10:29] All right, so you’re bringing all this in one place to make it easy. 

David: [00:10:37] Exactly. [00:10:38] I’m trying to collect the best teachers, the best experts that there are and put them in one place. [7.3] So 21 year old entrapreneur who’s looking for a sales, to marketing, personal development, leadership advice. He’s going to Google Ripple club. He’s going to look at the Web site or look at the platform and he’s going to have all the names to learn from. 

Dan: [00:11:04] I love that angle. Look, how do we aggregate or curate stuff that’s been approved by you. I mean, one of the challenges I had while learning was, who to take advice from. 

David: [00:11:21] Yes. 

Dan: [00:11:22] Right? Sometimes, you think it’s good advice. It’s almost like a piece of technology, “Oh yeah, that’s going to help me”, and then you get three months down the road, two months down the road, “Oh man, I overlooked this point. This is no longer useful for me”, right. 

David: [00:11:37] Yes. There is a trap and this is where we will try to do, make the list of coaches and teachers and experts wide but also, sort of speaking the same language because there are people, and I keep saying, “Dan is the idol of mine for a long time and I love learning from you.” So the teachers that we’re looking for, there will be of a similar caliber if that makes sense. 

Broc: [00:12:12] Sure. 

David: [00:12:13] It’s not going to be for everybody. We’re not going to get every teacher because there will be too much. We’re thinking about putting a nesh of teacher and trainers and coaches who speak the same language and who at the same time are update their information to avoid the situation that you just mentioned. Your learning constantly, which means you are changing. You are updating information, your information what you are telling people through your website, through podcast, through everything. It’s constantly updated. It’s current. If the situation in the world and the business changes something doesn’t work anymore, people who follow you know about this and this is what we tried to do as well, be current, be updated before the nesh, for the people who wants to learn, who are willing, who are hungry for information, for the knowledge and who are also willing to work because [00:13:21] we all know that you can read a million blog posts but if you don’t put them in action, nothing’s going to happen. You’re learning from the experience, you need to make the mistakes, you need to try and you need to get your hands dirty, burn sometimes and sometimes you have to start from scratch [21.1] and we will try to also, not only provide the information. This is not going to be a static Web site with blog posts. This is going to be a community of people working together and helping each other and the mentors that we are trying to put on our platform are people who are willing to spend time one to one or one to many within the groups and guide everyone who is willing to learn from them. So it’s not going to be an exchange like the messenger, so on and on, there are session that is one to one. Personal contacts with the mentors I think is very important because people are willing to learn but they are looking for this personal touch, personal contact. A very important aspect of Ripple club is the community and the fact that [00:14:40] when you in a group of people who are like minded, you instantly get this boost. –. 

Dan: [00:14:45] It’s proximity. [5.9] 

David: [00:14:51] Yes, someone else knows the answer to your question, it doesn’t have to be the expert but you within a group of people who possibly went through the troubles that you’ve been or you are going through. You can get the answers and help from not necessarily the expert but from the community of people who are going through the same struggle. It’s pretty much. — Let me put it this way. Ripple club is like your awesome group just more or more people. 

Dan: [00:15:27] Yes. So, one thing I’ve heard and I’ve ever want to repeat the phrase is that people aren’t looking for information, they’re looking for transformation. There’s something I’ve asked and this is actually not a trick question, I’m asking earnestly. How do you get people? It’s amazing that you’re aggregating information, suggesting information for other people who are seekers like yourself. How do you make that applicable to people? What’s the formula to get people to actually do it? 

David: [00:15:59] It’s funny you should say this because a couple of days ago I had a conversation with the young man who was trying to put together a sales program and during the conversation I said to him some thing like this, “In the first instance you will help them catch the first fish” The conversation was sales program to get more clients and the person told that he got a system that works and based on this, he wanted to build the sales programs for startups. So I said to him, “If the system works you have to first show people and help them to actually catch the first fish and because of this, they will come to you because they will want to learn how to fish the whole process of fishing and the results, the outcome has to come first.”. 

Broc: [00:17:09] David, you are clearly someone very focused on personal development, obviously. Everything we’ve been talking about is a passion of yours. For you, if it’s not getting too personal. What are you working on right now, on yourself? Where are you looking to stretch and grow? 

David: [00:17:30] Two things. I’m running, I used to run and then I stop because of work and now, fortunately, I’m very happy about this. I found the time, I intentionally book the time. So, I’m back on the track and I’m running. I’m shaving of the time of my three miles at the moment and it feels good. Second, in terms of personal development is books. I somehow, because of again business trip priority and I’ve been too involved in and spent too much time on the phone with people. I somehow drop reading the books. I like reading the books and I think reading the books is important. I would like my kids to read book, I like them to have time to do this because it opens the mind and and it gives you the information that you may not have available elsewhere but also in my work it boost the creativity. I do read the books not only related to my business and work and what I’m doing but I try to read as much as possible fiction because fiction is the creativity, the idea, sometimes impossible. I believe it makes your brain works completely different when you spend the time reading books and we need fiction so those are the two aspects that I need to control because somehow I dropped from the past, in the recent years and I want to get back on it. 

Dan: [00:19:36] Yes, what’s interesting is and often all of my friends, the guys I really look to for advice and inspiration are readers. What’s interesting is all compare notes on what they’re reading but I often tell the guys. Think about it,someone spent two, three, four years studying the problem and then writing a solution to it. Think about that. Where else could you go and get that knowledge for 15 bucks, you know what I mean, for 19 months for 24 bucks, you can’t, it’s mind boggling to me. Consultants will pay a thousand dollars for an hour, five hundred dollars for an hour when its open but meanwhile someone written a book on a process and it will take you three hours to digest it all. 

David: [00:20:23] Exactly. Exactly. There’s so much information and it’s so valuable and there is so much behind sometimes there is a number of others that I appreciate and I will buy any books that were right, who done the research and as you said that the information — When you start thinking about how much time they spent, how much effort they put in to putting this 500 pages. It is mind boggling and it’s available for 15 quid on the click of a button. 

Broc: [00:20:56] What are some of those authors that you would seek out, regardless? 

David: [00:21:00] Rob Yeung, he recently wrote the book called One Percent – How small Changes Make Big Differences, it’s about the high achievers. This is the first book that I came across from him. He wrote about seven others and I’m happy to send you a link to all of those. When you reading his book, his book when I read wasn’t even three hours. I literally swallowed the book in one sitting. The book is about the high achievers and what makes people the high achievers. He put this into eight categories or eight trait of the character that makes people achieve better results than everybody else and by no means, I don’t see myself as a high achiever and neither want to be but there are a lot of information how people get the results. I want the results, I want the results for other people. So I’m looking for this kind of information. He’s writing, his research, it’s very easy to read. It speaks volume because of examples that he brings historic and so on and on and on. So at the moment, Rob Yeung is someone that I would highly recommend and the book that I mention, One Percent. 

Broc: [00:22:34] Excellent. Thank you for that recommendation. I know Dan is and I always looking for the next book to read. Looking for that next bit of knowledge and I have not read that one yet. So that’s fantastic. 

Dan: [00:22:47] You have a great point. You mentioned really a community and that’s a big part behind the Ripple club, it’s more than just a curated website but there is an intention to have a community behind it and of course you also reference the community and the Edgy Empire. How could that community and the Edgy Empire help you? If you had one question or one to ask of them, one bit of information they could provide you with. How could that group help you move forward? 

David: [00:23:18] Well, that’s probably one of the toughest questions you ask me because I’m kind of a guy that when I get to know people and when I make new acquaintances, I’m always the guy, “How can I help?”, and the other thing is, with the Edgy and Dan and the group, I already had so much help from the group that I would feel very uncomfortable asking for more. We as human beings, we all have this need of belonging. Think about this like those memes that circulating on the Internet. Surround yourself with the people that this and this and this. Surround yourself [00:24:08] with — and I think by being in this group, I’m surrounded by the people that I want to be surrounded with. Everybody is very positive, very helpful, very encouraging. I feel like I’m at home. [14.9] I want to thank you to everybody I’ve got very good response from you guys and everybody else and as I said, I don’t have any particular question I think I will remember to make sure to ask when something will come out but at the same time, I want to make sure that you guys and everybody else knows that if I can help, I’m all in. 

Broc: [00:24:47] Excellent. 

Dan: [00:24:50] I love that. I love the attitude of all, that I always say, if you’re not all in, you’re not really at all. That you don’t realize that if you lose a few times and you’re like, “I lost because I was like 50 percent or 60 percent but not all end,” that’s a good lesson. 

David: [00:25:11] No, I believe that efforts, if you put 80 percent of effort, don’t expect 100 percent of results. That’s my belief. 

Dan: [00:25:21] And you probably won’t get 80 percent of the results either, right? You put in 80 percent of the effort it’s like you get 15 percent of the results. 

David: [00:25:29] Absolutely, but when you put a hundred percent in every minute, of every day, of everything that you are doing, you may you may still not get the result, the 100% get a result but the satisfaction of the fact thay you’ve done the best you could and then tomorrow you’re going to try again and you’re going to put a little bit more. It’s something that you can’t compare to anything. Even if you don’t get the result, I for example, I don’t get discouraged by this because I know that my focus is in the right places. [00:26:03] I’m trying to make sure that my heart is in the right place, I do the best I can. [3.6] If I can go out and learn and do again tomorrow. 

Dan: [00:26:15] Well, thank you for spending some time with us, David. I always enjoy chatting with you. I love what you do with Ripple, to spend a passion of yours for years. What I like is that, every time I talk to you, you’re taking one step further toward your goal. In other words, I never talk to you and you go, “Oh, well we’re the same place we were the last time we talked”, which is often what happens when I talk to some would be entrepreneurs. And I love the fact that you’re always taking next steps and building your relationships and creating new value for your community. I think it’s a lesson for all of us and how progress is made, how success is kind of achieved. It’s not some burst of energy over a weekend. It’s really years worth of passion towards a goal, specific goal. 

David: [00:27:03] And small steps and baby steps. 

Dan: [00:27:07] Absolutely, small steps. Thank you for spending this time with us. I’m glad we could do it. We to circle back again and do another episode. 

David: [00:27:21] Yes. Thank you for the nice words. I’m learning from the best and learning from people like yourself and Broc and everybody in the group. I really enjoyed the time. Thank you for having me. As always it’s nice to chat to you. 

Dan: [00:27:35] Thanks, David. Thanks, Broc. 

Dan: [00:27:40] Thank you guys. 

David: [00:27:42] Thank you. 

Dan: [00:27:44] And we’ll cut, so editing guy if you’re listening all right after that last line. 

Broc: [00:27:53] Very nice. 

Dan: [00:27:53] Audio much, much better thank you. Thank you David. 

David: [00:27:57] No, thank you. Sorry for the trouble initially. Sorry for the delay. We’re half an hour late than we were supposed to but it’s Saturday. I hope you don’t mind. Blame it on me. 

Dan: [00:28:10] No, it’s all good. Feel free to share some of those books inside the community because I know I pick up on them. I’ve got this list and I’m kind of adding to. I know Broc and there are others too. It’s funny. I’ll talk to someone and they’ll say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been doing this and this and this”, and they may not be vocal but they’re like listening in on the conversation doing everything that we recommended. So, feel free to share some of the stuff, I know I would appreciate it as well, personally. 

David: [00:28:39] Absolutely. Especially this book, you guys if you come across, I highly recommend because there are two books that for the moment it talks about personal development and my faith and work. 

Broc: [00:28:54] I appreciate it. 

David: [00:28:56] It’s called Seven hobbits and this book the One Percent. The guy is so smart and his research is so thorough. It is just mind blowing. 

Dan: [00:29:12] I think I might have read this about the French national team in the cycling team, is that the reference. 

David: [00:29:19] No, I don’t know. There was a couple of edition of the book that I had seen it but this one it’s just One Percent. I got a picture because I’ve posted somewhere in my group. I definitely spoke about this book but I put something later on in the group with the link to the guy. 

Dan: [00:29:45] Yes, do that, do that, that would be awesome. I think I read a study about how the French national team, cycling team became the best in the world and of course we’ll leave all the doping allegations out of it. Basically, their quest was, how do we get 1 percent better at everything, from fleet to air dynamics to nutrition to hydration, everything. Instead of trying to go out and hire the fastest guys with the most Vo2 max, highest Vo2 Max. They literally said, “Let’s just take great guy. Not super elite are great and let’s be one percent better on everything we do. 

Outro: [00:30:27] If you are the sort of person who is always looking to surround yourself with champion, great awesomeness like that last interview Broc and I shared with you, go to edgy.life and join us. That’s www.edgy.life, take your personal and professional game, your life to that next level of awesomeness. See you there. 

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