D is for Dialogue

  A recent study conducted by the Shyness Clinic in Menlo Park, California, revealed that almost 90% of Americans label themselves as shy.  Further, the California Department of Consumer Affairs

Just Do It Already…

My CEO buddy Kriss Wilson posted a quote on Twitter from Buddha that fit right in to some of my recent thinking about selling and the differentiation between those who SELL and those who are “working on it.”

Freedom from bad sales ideas

  The 4th of July stands as a tribute to taking action against oppression, bad philosophy, and a depressing future.  America’s foundation in being independent could serve as a lesson to many sales people who forget that most of what they will read in sales books WILL NOT work for them…

Polarize not Paralyze…

You can’t change the world without polarizing the people you run into — your friends, your community, and even your “not so much” fans.  Polarization creates “sides”.  It’s the line in the sand that says “either you are with me or not”.

Social Media is NOT Crap.

YES —  I do know that yesterday I wrote about how much I hate strongly dislike the whole social media menagerie that has been a bumper crop of marketing geniuses all over the world giving their over-baked opinions on how to be the next Ashton Kutcher with 2 squigillion over-twittered fans.

Carefully Cognizant…

  Just finished up a plan on creating a more targeted approach for revenue generation… and (surprise, surprise) I am left musing about how screwed up the state of “as is sales” remains. Come on people!  This is 2008.  Zig is

…the pursuit…COSTS…

It’s 10:10PM and I am watching The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith… and I am reminded NOTHING is more powerful than the WILL of man to rise above himself to achieve GREATNESS… The fierceness of the conquest is the measure by which a man must firmly resolve that his values

She’s ALIVE!

  Customer service that is… Did you just fall off your chair? Send me the Emergency Room bill… (please don’t really… I’m broke…). Not sure there is a provision in your policy for “Blog Reading Induced Trauma”…

Does “Fitting In” Matter?

Let me cut to the conclusion and then we will Tarantino this discussion backwards? NO! (Fitting in DOES NOT really matter… at all… ever…) What’s the deal with Peerville telling us we

Balancing Excitement with Purpose

  Excitement without purpose is merely hype… We see that purpose with excitement grows mundane and dull. And clearly hype is the adversary of all that is mundane and dull. The strength of each is the existence of the other.

Purposed Pursuits…

  Living by principles is paramount to personal fulfillment. Living by a belief system will help inspire one’s self. People who are solely motivated by wealth or personal advancement are always on the hustle. ME, ME, ME is a stench that surrounds every aspect of what they do.

One Hurdle Crossed

  Every day is about accomplishing micro-goals – tasks that appear small, but add up to a larger end. Goals are made up of small parts that often get left undone – largely because we are so concentrated on what we think is our goal. Big goals get done in small chunks.