Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

March 12, 2019

The Surprisingly Sad (And Simple) Reason Why Success Isn’t For Everyone.

I’ve finally come to realize that success isn’t for everyone. 

Don’t get me wrong, the possibility to be successful is for everyone. 

The truth is that not everyone makes that choice on their own. 

Let me clarify that further. 

No one goes out of their way to own the space of being unsuccessful. 

No one chooses to be a loser proactively. 

If the choices are winning or losing — no one puts any effort whatsoever into selecting the losing option. 

Most of us claim to want to be winners. We talked about it as if it’s who we are. Something we are born with already. A condition of our humanity. 

But success isn’t achieved by not selecting the opposite option.

You don’t select losing and end up winning. 

Being successful is about proactively correcting the habits that stop you from making the horrible mistakes that will ultimately rob you of the success you can achieve otherwise. 

It’s bad habits like not being able to control your emotions. 

Or laziness. Lack of preparation. Thinking that you are always right. Not listening to the advice other people give you. It’s about making the choice to waste your time rather than investing it and ideas and training that makes you better. 

Remember this —  Your smallest weakness is more powerful than your greatest strength.

How many times have you seen someone who has spent a lifetime achieving wealth, credibility or expertise throw it all away in a few minutes making bad choices? 

How many times have you done that yourself?

Can we agree to stop that?

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