Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

May 29, 2019

Why You Don’t Get Better Even Though You Really Want To.

Nothing changes until you change. Until you get started.

It’s easy to get caught up in the passion of dreaming. And certainly, there’s power in visualizing a better future. But dreams without action quickly become delusion.

And the irony of being in that predicament is that the difference between success and failure is merely you taking the first step.

I know. Because I’ve screwed it up for years.

I’ve been dreaming dreams my entire life.

  • I have dreamed about making more money.
  • I have dreamed about running more competitively.
  • I have dreamed about creating a legacy of kindness that changes other people’s lives.

Like you, I’ve not just dreamed these things. I have longed for them with a passion that is deeply rooted in intense emotions. It’s real for me. I want it.

Every fiber of my being is screaming out, demanding the universe to bring me that which I desire.

And I’ve noticed something over the years. It’s not the dreaming that brings you the results you want. Changing is what brings you what you want.

It’s only when you do something different that you begin to notice different results.

It’s only when you deliberately put yourself in uncomfortable situations and defy the baggage from your past that is holding you back that you begin to see progress.

What you have done in the past has brought you to this moment. And if you keep doing what you’ve always done in the past, you will stay in this moment. You’ll stay stuck. Unmovable. Unchangeable.

And not because you don’t have the capacity to be better — but because you aren’t taking action. You are automatically defaulting to what you’ve always done. You’re relying on the programs already wired into your subconscious.

You know what I mean.

You have programs that automatically trigger a response from you when someone speaks to you in a certain tone of voice.

You have programs for how you respond to food and exercise, your weekly paycheck, where you go on vacation, the friends you hang out with, the books you read, the entertainment you frequent, and thousands of other choices you make each day — from God to work and family.

So if you were going to change, where would you get started? What would you do?

You’re certainly can’t do what you’ve always done. Because that’s not part of your future. It’s just your past. And, you might not have the skills yet to operate in the future you dream about.

So you should probably start by taking the first step in the straightest direction towards where you want to be.

Skip over the steps where you do one thing to achieve another thing that might lead you to the thing you really want.

Just go for your goal. Plot a straight line.

  • If you want to be on stage speaking as a professional speaker, then pursue that directly. Hire a coach. Speak for free. Build your keynote. Get some practice in. Create a website where you sell your services. Go for it.
  • If you want to create a startup, plunge in. Build up your product. Find your first customer. Surround yourself with awesome mentors and potential team members. Get out there and start hustling.
  • If you want to be a better dad, make that happen. Going forward, stop yourself when you behave badly. Practice new patterns of engaging. Get some help with your head. Take steps each day to exhibitive the behavior of the new person you imagine yourself to be on the inside.

One of my mentors used to say to me all the time that: “Transformation is in the transaction.”

The moment you decide to get started — that is when your transformation happens. You’re not going to see all the results you want right then.

You certainly aren’t going to be in a position where other people see your success.

But that moment, when you surrender everything to the awkwardness of taking the first step, the pathway begins to clear and you find your way towards success.

There’s nothing wrong with aspiration. You should want to be better. You should crave it in your soul. But just wanting to be better isn’t enough. Just desiring more for yourself isn’t enough.

You have to take that next uncomfortable step of doing something different in order to achieve that aspiration. What’s that for you?

What’s that step that you need to take right now that you have been avoiding for so long because it scares you?

That’s the thing you need to do right now.

Don’t you get it? That transaction is your transformation.

Take that first step.

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